27 Ways to Save Time and Money

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  1. Add client’s emails to your schedule invite so it automatically reminds them
  2. Write blog posts all at once when you are inspired and schedule them for when you want them released
  3. Settle all billing at the end of the session so you don’t have to remind clients about payment
  4. Don’t keep a waiting list
  5. Create an automated email list through aweber
  6. Hire a 1099 counselor to help with overflow and expansion
  7. Pack a lunch
  8. When you go out to eat, do it with a potential referral source
  9. Use online printing like vistaprint or moo
  10. Learn to create your own website through bluehost
  11. Complete part/all of the progress note in the session
  12. Do your own scheduling
  13. Negotiate rent as a percentage of your income
  14. Use another counselor’s office when they don’t and split rent
  15. See clients back to back
  16. Check email only a few times per day
  17. Batch phone calls together
  18. Email new clients the intake paperwork
  19. Email new clients interactive directions to your office through Google Maps
  20. Only see clients one or two nights a week, when those are full add more
  21. Rent your office out to another counselor when you’re not using it
  22. Learn from people that have already done what you’re going to do, like people who have already successfully launched a counseling private practice
  23. Get enough sleep so that you are efficient when you are awake
  24. Walk and talk with clients that are depressed so they/you both get exercise
  25. Charge full price for a no show
  26. Praise clients when they are early
  27. Take deep breaths to reduce your own frustration

Above all, love your job!


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