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Are you interested in inviting Joe Sanok to speak at your event? Do you have a conference or break-out sessions, where you want a dynamic, funny, and insightful speaker? Joe’s your guy…I think. Let’s talk a bit more about what you’re looking for.

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Learn how the “Fostering AHA Moments” Keynote will engage your audience

Your keynote audience will learn three key principles:

  1. Slowing Down Fosters AHA Moments: Our world is busy, stressed, and instant. But our best moments of insight never come when we’re tapping into our primitive brain. We all want to impact the world, but we’re held back by not slowing down.
  2. The Biggest Ideas Are Linked, Not New: We feel pressure to create something brand new, but the biggest steps forward in human history have been configuring ideas that already exist, in a new way. What if a world-changing idea is sitting right in front of you?
  3. You Already Have the Skills: Inside of you are big ideas. You’re probably someone

Finding a keynote speaker that is informative, yet entertaining is difficult. You want someone who will give practical and clear takeaways, yet also energize and inspire. It’s tough to find someone who is an expert, yet is also approachable.


Joe Sanok is one of the most sought after speakers on topics of the brain, marketing, and how to slow down to foster “aha” moments. Joe seeks to help your event be memorable, impactful, and entertaining.


If you are a conference planner that wants to be known as bringing in keynotes that stand out, Joe is the speaker to interview.

Trusted By:

  • Illinois Counseling Association
  • Minnesota Counseling Association
  • Association for Experiential Education
  • Most Awesome Conference
  • Alabama Counseling Association
  • Great Lakes Children’s Museum
  • Michigan Home-Based Family Services Association

If your organization is searching for a speaker that is dynamic and entertaining, I highly recommend Joe Sanok. Joe was the keynote speaker at the Illinois Counseling Association’s annual conference and his presentation was a home run. Joe connected with participants sharing his exceptional knowledge and understanding of the challenges counselors face in an ever-changing counseling landscape. Conference attendees raved about his presentation for its mix of research-based practicality, storytelling, and humor. Joe kicked off the conference on the right note and the buzz continued all the way through to the final attendee evaluations, which consistently rated Joe as exceptional.

Speaking Stats

These statistics have been independently verified by the Illinois Counseling Association.

EXPERTISE: The presenter was knowledgeable: 100% Strongly Agree
AUDIENCE INSIGHTS: My knowledge about this topic was revitalized, enhanced, or substantiated: 98% Strongly Agree 2% Agree
OVER DELIVERY: This workshop met my expectations: 94% Strongly Agree 6% Agree
RAVING FANS: I would attend another workshop by this presenter: 96% Strongly Agree 4% Agree

Audience Quotes


“What I liked best about this workshop was his vast knowledge. It was outstanding!”

Best workshop of things I can use I have ever been to.

“One of the best sessions ever!”

“Exceptional, thank you”

“Awesome, let’s have him as a pre-conference next year!”

“Amazing presenter!”

“What I liked best about this workshop was: variety of content, opportunities for interactive discussions, big picture, and practical.”

“What I liked best about this workshop was: Amazing. So personable and extremely knowledgeable.”

“Got me energized to take time to plot out new ideas/changes.”

“Excellent!! I could listen all day!! Learned a lot.”

“Joe was extremely knowledgeable and clearly passionate, which made the presentation enjoyable. I have a better understanding on developing and sustaining a private practice.”

Are you interested in inviting Joe Sanok to speak at your event? Do you have a conference or break-out sessions, where you want a dynamic, funny, and insightful speaker? Joe’s your guy…I think. Let’s talk a bit more about what you’re looking for.


Fostering AHA Moments in Yourself and Your Clients
This is the most popular keynote and has been delivered at the Illinois Counseling Association, Great Lakes Children’s Museum Gala, Alabama Counseling Association, Traverse City TEDx, and Michigan Home-Based Family Services Association keynotes. 45-90 minutes


Types of Conferences:
Service-Based Industry Conferences: Counselors, Coaches, Real Estate, Massage, Chiropractor, and other events for professionals who interact with clients but also have big ideas.

Typical audience size for Joe Sanok is 1,000-5,000
Joe typically books 6-12 months ahead of time, but if you’re in a pinch and it works with Joe’s schedule, we’ll work with you.

Joseph R. Sanok

A keynote speaker, #1 podcaster, TEDx speaker, counselor, and guy that gets ambitious results. He dares to enact change in his own life and guides others in their own shifts. 


As a business owner, business consultant, and speaker, he is perfectly positioned to bring energy, humor, and practical advice to your speaking event. Also, he’s a dad and husband, roles that he takes more serious than any other roles he has.

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