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What are the basics to have sorted in your business before you dive into marketing? Which website aspects do therapists need to be aware of? How can unique partnerships help you find your ideal client?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok answers your questions about what are some unique and creative marketing ideas you can use in your private practice.

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In This Podcast

  • Back to basics
  • Pay attention to your website
  • Look for unique partnerships

Back to basics

  • SEO optimization
  • Creating content: blog, social media posts, public speaking
  • Local referrals

Make sure all of that is optimized because if you do a bunch of marketing and then you send people to your website and it’s a bad website, they’re not going to come back or they’re going to remember that it was a bad website. (Joe Sanok)

When someone lands on your website, they need to know within the first few seconds that you are a therapist.

Pay attention to your website

The words like counseling and therapy need to be on there and on the landing page so that potential clients can see that they are in the right place and that they know immediately what they are – and who they are – interacting with.

  • Many therapist websites are somber or gloomy, so make sure not to fall into this trap. You want your clients to feel relieved, optimistic, and even excited to come to see you in your practice to help them with their problems.
  • You do not want to make the fact that they may have problems louder or more obvious than the fact that you can help them.
  • Make sure to show the outcome of therapy with you on your website: show them the end-product of time spent in therapy instead of images that show how they may look and feel before therapy.

What do people look like on their last day of therapy with you, when they’re ready to close out? That’s what you want to show throughout your branding and your media. (Joe Sanok)

Look for unique partnerships

Catch the attention of your current clients – and potential clients – with standout partnerships.

  • Be a sponsor of certain events,
  • Have some witty ways of going things,
  • Form relationships with local schools,

Try batch testing to see which different marketing strategies are working the best for you and your company.

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