Ask Joe: What Should New Graduates Do To Get Started? | PoP 575

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Are you a psychology graduate trying to make a way in the business side of the counseling world? How can you start building your caseload as a W2 employee? What are some top tips on how to use social media as a therapist?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok answers your questions about what new graduates should do to get started.

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In This Podcast

  • Utilize your unique position to network
  • How to build a caseload as a W2 employee
  • Using social media as a new therapist

Utilize your unique position to network

When you’re a new graduate, you’re uniquely positioned to network more than when you’ve been in the field for a while. Even just saying: “I’m new, can we meet up? I’d love to pick your brain about the field and buy you a cup of coffee and hear more of all the great articles you’ve written” (Joe Sanok)

When someone is new to the field and is eager to learn more about how to be successful, it makes a good impression on people who are already established.

With a supervisor, it is necessary to ask yourself: what does or what can a supervisor do to help me in my career? There is a lot of value in hiring your own supervisor.

Look for somebody who is going what you want to do and see if you can get into a type of group supervision.

How to build a caseload as a W2 employee

The same marketing tools apply as if it were your own business. If you are a new graduate, be mindful of signing non-compete clauses.

I do think it’s important to have an exit plan so that you are not always just an employee. There are tons of people that just love being employees, that’s great for them …. [you might want] to do bigger things like starting a podcast or writing a book … beyond just what you do in those sessions. (Joe Sanok)

Have your blog places within your website because it will encourage the SEO success rates of your website. Google looks for longevity and rewards consistency.

Using social media as a new therapist

As you learn things, share that on social media. Figure out your own way of saying things that get your point across while drawing your audience to your unique style of marketing and content creation.

One thing to avoid: not sticking to your niche. Teach a skill that you have worked on yourself, so absorb many new skills around you as much as you can as a new therapist. Give information on what you know while simultaneously building your knowledge repertoire.

Who is it that you are trying to help? Is it helping with the psychology of budgets and money? Is it helping couples learn more about their sex life? Is it helping people on the other side of divorce? What are some things from your own life that you have had experience [with] that also are passions and excitements for you that you can talk about? (Joe Sanok)

Be on as many committees as possible in order to connect with different people and expand your skillset.

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