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Image representing staying motivated during a pandemic | hiker summiting mountain | finding what you love

What You Do For Fun and How That Motivates You to do Better at Work

Have you ever had one of those workweeks where you feel completely depleted, unmotivated, and hopeless? And have you ever had one of those workweeks where you feel energized, motivated, and productive? What I’ve realized – especially during the last seven months living through a pandemic – is to have consistent pleasure, joy and fun. When I have these, I sustain and create motivation to do better at my work as a mental health professional. Let’s take a closer look at what I mean by this.

Finding Motivation During a Pandemic

Finding motivation during the last seven months has been quite a challenge, both personally and professionally. I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors – especially hiking – which has been my main source of fun during the pandemic. This is mainly due to the hiking trails being the only thing open – which hasn’t always been the case. The nearby trails to my home in Los Angeles have closed on and off during the last seven months, either because of crowds or fires. When the trails closed I noticed that my mental and physical well-being suffer as I don’t have an outlet to clear my mind, gain clarity, and motivation. Simply put…take away fun, then motivation drops. Add in fun, motivation increases.

Staying Motivated Through a Pandemic

With only one option for fun to focus on for my mental and physical well-being over the last seven months, I’ve taken on a new layer to the great outdoors! As a result of being on the hiking trails near my home for the last seven months, I’ve been motivated to up my game and take hiking really seriously. My endurance has increased, and now I am hiking 12,000-foot mountains in Nevada. My next hike is a 14,000-foot mountain in the Eastern Sierras. Hopefully, the California forest fires will be out and the trails open soon!

Challenge Yourself

The inspiration of challenging myself, both mentally and physically on the longer and higher elevation trails, has helped me gain and retain confidence and motivation in my work when things get tough. I continue to do what I love and love what I do from an organic transformation as a result of a pandemic. If the pandemic had not happened, I would not have focused my “fun” time on hiking. My “fun” time would have been spread amongst several activities. Having to be “forced” to focus on one fun activity during the pandemic has been a great takeaway for me during this time. I’ve had to wrestle with my thoughts on a long, strenuous hike to finish and complete it. I have wrestled with my thoughts when work is hard, challenging myself to stay motivated to continue marketing and promoting my business as a sole practitioner in a recessive economy.

I encourage you to do what you love and love what you do. Who knows, Mt. Everest may be on the horizon!

Lisa Lewis has gained extensive training in the mind-body connection with three certificates in energy healing, Level 2 Reiki certified, and a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is also part of the Disaster Mental Health Team for the world’s largest volunteer network, the American Red Cross. Lisa is a certified Bereavement Group Facilitator so she has a passion for helping those in need. Get in touch with Lisa at [email protected] or call her for a free consult: 626.319.5076