Five Things You Can Do Today to Start Achieving Your Goals

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Five Things You Can Do Today to Start Achieving Your Goals

When we think about setting goals for our business, our practice, we can look at that as the first step. Then it is important to look beyond that first step so that we can start achieving them! If you look around, it may seem that some people do very well with achieving their goals, while others may not be as good at achieving them. Some of it may have to do with the possibility that those who do not do as well may not have a specific goal that is focused and clear or an action plan with steps to work towards achieving the goal. If you’re ready to start achieving your goals, start doing these five things today!

1. Develop Specific, Doable and Clear Goals

In order to achieve your goal, it is important to make it clear and specific. Make sure that it is realistic, so that, while it may be a little challenging, it won’t be impossible to complete. For example, if you are looking to increase the number of clients that your service, instead of setting the goal as “increasing from 20 clients per week to 150 clients per week by next week, try setting a goal of “seeing 150 clients per week in 6 months.” This way you give yourself a reasonable timeline with room for issues or plateaus that may arise.

Of course, to have a better idea of how to make sure your goal is realistic you might need to do some research beforehand in that specific area.

2. Set Actionable Tasks for Each Goal

It’s helpful for your goals to address the “how” and “why,” along with the “what” of the goal. In the above example, you want to increase the clients seen in your practice from 20 to 150 per week in 6 months, which is about 5 new clients per week. Example actionable tasks might include,

  • Return potential client calls daily
  • Perform 3 marketing tasks daily
  • Attend 2 networking events monthly
  • Hire 3 additional clinicians
  • Add a second location

Some tasks may require additional steps, such as hiring additional clinicians or adding a second location, the idea is to have all of your steps written out so you can see that achieving your goal is very doable.

3. Schedule Everything

Instead of leaving things to chance, go ahead and schedule the work that you need to do to reach your goals. Let’s face it, how often do you have a list of tasks in your mind, only to get to the end of the day or week and realize that something has been missed? You can input your tasks into a paper or electronic calendar, such as a Google calendar. It’s important to be realistic about how long each task will take you to carry out so that you can work them into your day properly. As an aside, when scheduling, be sure to schedule in some time for yourself!

4. Take Action

Consistency is key! It is difficult to achieve a goal if regular action is not taken daily. When you wake up in the mornings, make it a habit to see what is on your calendar for the day and follow through on the tasks that you have set and the plans you made in order to ensure you are productive and get things done. Just do the minimum that is necessary each day to reach your goal; don’t think that you need to go above and beyond, because if you do this on a daily basis, you just might get burned out. Instead, when you do the minimum, you’re more likely to succeed in getting your tasks done, each day! Each successful day will keep you motivated to continue taking daily action until your goal is achieved.

5. Repeat

Lastly, repeat each of these steps every single day. When you set goals that are very specific and clear with detailed steps to achieving the goal, you will soon discover the secret to success that so many others have already found; the secret in the doing, and doing consistently! Just like scaling a mountain, if you take one step at a time, and follow the plan that you have set for yourself, you will make it and be a success!

Reaching your goals does not have to be just a dream but can be your reality! I encourage you to get started on these 5 steps so that you too can start seeing growth in your practice!

Stay Encouraged!

Melissa J. McLean is a Licensed Counselor and Certified Professional Coach who is the owner of Morning Joy Counseling, a successful group practice that primarily helps individuals dealing with anxiety and depression, as well as couples who want to rebuild or strengthen their relationships. In addition, Melissa helps other professionals move beyond the gap between visualizing their dreams and making it a reality by mapping out their next right steps towards having a successful and fulfilling business!

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