Podcast 97 | How to run a rural group private practice an interview with Michael Pecosh

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For Michael Pecosh, his rural group counseling practice was one of the last things he thought he’d do with his life!

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PoP Culture meet Mike PecoshM.Ed., NCC, LPC

P10-bf8b3Michael K. Pecosh, M.Ed., NCC, LPC, is a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in individual, couples/family, and anger management therapy in private practice in Washington, PA 15301.

Mike has over 10 years experience as a therapist. Known for his great humor, he specializes in helping clients help themselves. Mike is currently working with a broad spectrum of clients.

In addition to being a prominent relationship therapist, Mike has presented to general audiences, speaking on a variety of topics.

Mike is an interactive, cognitive behavioral therapist. His therapeutic approach is to provide support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address personal life challenges. He integrates humor and story-telling to offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each client. With compassion and understanding, he works with each individual to help them build on their strengths and attain the personal growth they are committed to accomplishing.

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What you’ll discover in this private practice podcast:

5:09 An overview of what to expect
10:36 The best advice for finding a flow for the practice
11:34 How to take a long term approach
23:22 How to help kids from foster care
33:55 Why customer service is the best advice
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Joseph R. Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC

Joe Sanok Private Practice ConsultantJoe Sanok is an ambitious results expert. He is a private practice business consultant and counselor that helps small businesses and counselors in private practice to increase revenue and have more fun! He helps owners with website design, vision, growth, and using their time to create income through being a private practice consultant. Joe was frustrated with his lack of business and marketing skills when he left graduate school. He loved helping people through counseling, but felt that often people couldn’t find him. Over the past few years he has grown his skills, income, and ability to lead others, while still maintaining an active private practice in Traverse City, MI. To link to Joe’s Google+ .







Podcast Transcription

Podcast 97 | How To Run A Rural Group Private Practice An Interview With Michael Pecosh

[0:00] Music.

[0:07] This is the practice of the practice podcast with joe sanok oxidation number ninety seven.

[0:13] Music.

[0:27] What a beautiful day it is here in northern michigan it feels like it might be one of our last warm weeks of summer i,
i don’t want no reply soon but it’s all part of i guess the natural cycle of seasons in northern michigan cell,
we doing awesome today our sponsors the national association of counselors in private practice.
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It’s gonna as perfect as counselors account for such joe and also have a link to that in the show notes.
And those since we practiceofthepractice.com/97 can you believe it ninety seven,
thing is just crazy it’s crazy today i have mike.
Because i should show him interviewing him and the way it’s just such a good interview.
Mike and i we met at the aca conference down in florida this last year but,
he said he remembered me from hawaii we just met really briefly there the whole white conference.
And this guy has just an awesome practice his washingtontherapists.com.

[2:28] Mike he’s a really good guy like you knows people you meet and you just get along with them right away like i got along with him right away we are just talking business and life and how to optimize our time and just.
We’re cut from the same cloth.
And mike’s email to me about wanting to be on the podcast was the best request to be in my pockets i’ve ever received and i’m trying to get a bunch of this,
but he was the first use the original his subject line was put me in coach.
And then he gave a top ten reasons why you would be an awesome guest on the practice the practice podcast.
I was laughing i was impressed i just his wittiness and the way that he framed his value to you the listening audience is amazing,
actually stole the idea i want to become a tech speaker and so i set top ten list of top ten reasons i be awesome ted speaker.
And so i sent that in and i’m on the list of people they’re considering for archer city tax and so,
i think it be super cool if it had speaker i’m gonna ted website it’s been kinda one of my bucket list things i’d love to do so i stole that from mike and,
he’s just is awesome you’re gonna hear his story history of success history of,
just a background it and it is still asunder it’s just awesome his over ten years of experience as a therapist,
he’s known for having just awesome humor which i’ve seen so much she specializes in helping clients help themselves and he is a great practice going on.

[3:58] Don’t washington pennsylvania washington pa so without any further ado i give you mike precaution.

[4:07] Well mike walking the tracks the practice podcast how you doing today.
I’m doing great thank you so much for having on i promise you i am your biggest fan that’s ever been on this is i awesome thank you so much how’s your back,
all its doing great you know i have been working out several times a week just yesterday went to the chiropractor and got an the electrical and then when the hot tub at the ymca so.
Feeling really good and some like stand up interviews now in sitting lasts thanks for asking.

[4:37] Yeah yeah i’m a fan right yeah and you know mike you sent probably the best like inquiry about being on the podcast my kid sent this top ten reasons why he should be on the podcast and it was one of those things you just you just couldn’t say no to.

[4:52] Why thank you for that i am nothing if not persuasive at times three safe to look for the people i don’t know you when you give us just a little bit of,
can your professional background and then i know you have a really interesting story around foster care adoption always other things to,
but i’d like to just dig into some of the lessons that made you went through that will start with who are you tell somebody pray.
Sure okay so i’m an lpc that’s the credential we.

[5:18] We have here in pennsylvania and i graduated from since you got school in two thousand five and i’ve been practicing for the last ten years.
I work for a large agency doing a community based version of therapy going into homes which is similar to something that i know that you’ve done as well.
So kinda cut my teeth doing that for the first three years and then spent two years as the clinical director of the agency before leaving in two thousand and ten to go into private practice and it was just me solo private practice in a room that was about,
two hundred square feet and almost could touch the sides putting my arms out and then expanded last year into a larger facility about a thousand square feet.
Hired some additional therapists expand the practice so where in new.
Southwestern pennsylvania if you try to find it on a map where south of pittsburgh and north of morgantown west virginia yeah yes there are people living in this house and so it’s you know it’s not rural is not little house on the prairie but i,
i am a half mile from the nearest farm than yours working farm pascal is coming into work so while,
so you should buy some people and take us through that process a little bit cuz i know a lot of people listening if they’re not bringing and counselors there practice the deathly want to eat some point and,
tips you have around that process,
absolutely that the thing that works best for me was contacting my on the monitor i have made maintain very good relationship with a counselor ed program at california university of pennsylvania have you ever heard of that when i’ve not.

[6:55] California university of pennsylvania it sounds in this gets a friend but it.

[7:17] I’m looking to hire alumni,
can you tell me to get me the names of the hardest workers the and can’t remember you know i feel confident i can teach people some therapeutic skills and techniques but you can teach work ethic so that my first job is on my order and say,
can you remember some people really hard workers can you forward my information and so they happen to maintain a list serve,
and they said this guy’s hiring looking to hire cal you alarm.

[7:48] And give reached out to me and said her job hiring and i was privileged enough to hire two of our alumni that really fit what we’re trying to do in a third whose car step child she went to a different place to,
it was her lover as well while i love the point of reaching out your alma mater i know that western michigan university has a satellite campus here in traverse city,
and so in the past not mint ones counting by my community college job we’re almost always here in turns their.
I know my supervision group western is the biggest feet are into the supervision group and from that group that’s ready to kinda see people.
They are potential people can join my practice when you brought them on the w two with a ten ninety ninths,
i honestly ten ninety-nine but i’m i was listening to a lot with and talking about it is it.
You know she splitting it is turned on it is a lot of confusion you can really get a clear answer.

[8:44] Turn on that so rather than open myself up for anything that could be misconstrued i said let’s just go w two in so we made that transition the three of them came aboard a part time initially and then,
if so we would in july of twenty fourteen and then in january of twenty fifteen,
our our first came aboard full time w two in the second followed a few months later and we anticipate our third coming aboard she’s w two not very part time in she’s gonna come aboard full time here in august,
awesome and i don’t like california utah i think texas pretty much always you are the w two,
what are some advantages that you seen of having to be two vs ten onions of course there’s the like questions with the splitting but like what are some other reasons people might want to consider that you.

[9:33] You know for me i worry about my people not having not setting enough money aside to pay their taxes in april and i would to say a very saving money are you saving money because as a ten ninety-nine we don’t take taxes out,
so you have to set some things aside and i would be saying to him i don’t wanna sound like a big.

[9:50] Brother but he setting aside thirty percent because of the same once is in april so i just the peace of mind knowing we take the taxes out,
it’s less cost effective for us it costs more but it gives me peace of mind give them peace of mind and they know that we’re all in you know were committed to them they are in employees here,
which will use the term with a team members and colleagues but,
it’s a sense of real connection between us as well yes that sounds like a really create a really good structure for being able to scale.
Which i think is one thing it’s so important for drying your influence and income is how do you scale and not have you just have to work harder to make more money.
Yeah not a working progress you i def wanna work with you some more on that you had some great ideas and when you and i have talked and,
the trick is to figure out tomorrow fraser for your guests saying instantly you spend less time working in the business and work more time working on the business will still figure that out,
but we’re moving on here like this year in january read the book the one thing,
and really helped me focus and i’m like what’s my one thing for the practice and for me it was building up my clinicians and the amount of time they are doing counseling and so.
Whatever new people come and they are looking for somebody like i really try to have them see me and it’s like i want to see my clinicians and right,
when you focus in on one thing for your business it just makes it so much easier to scale and grow.
I agree and focusing on the clinicians is so important because we often will get people coming from that there be somewhere else and they say you know i had such,
turn over i to three therapists well my son was there and i want i want.

[11:23] My people to be happy when we pay our people more than than most of our competitors because i want them to stay here i tend to take the long term view of things both in business and therapeutic lee on to say,
what’s gonna be best for us long term as opposed to short term i don’t want to save some money by paying.

[11:42] People are less i’d rather pay them more so i’m gonna make less but long term they’re gonna stay here and we are going to develop relationships with our staff how do you handle it when someone says hey mike i wanna see you in counseling like,
you try to pass them off or do you try like just if they say they wanna see you just see him how do you handle that.
You know it’s really okay specific but i use the phrase i get hurt on a practice to practice you had on successful counselor who said that.
She said the phrase uses i’ve hand picked my son gradually hanks,
he’ll yeah thank you honestly hanks exactly and i start that’s exactly cuz i was in the position to do that we interviewed a lot of people and we,
where we will ride the higher the ones that we want and i meet with my staff weekly or sometimes by weekly and we do supervision week we talk about cases i teach some things i have there’s a white board in every office and.

[12:36] So building up the clinicians import.
Take some time and see last of my people and spend time training them but it does happen if the p,
or quest me on the email that works here as you know sometimes people wanna female counselor sometimes they want a male counselor so they want a male counselor gonna they’re gonna see me,
and because i’ve been in the game longer i am on more insurance panels and some of the networks of cl.

[13:02] Closed around here so i’m but if somebody comes in calls and requesting me personally will try to say looking mikes got a full case load however,
ashley can see you and mike as handpicked ashley to come aboard with him he worked very closely with her that that’s great and i think that makes the.
Yeah you can then focus on the business itself more than just an individual therapy that’s awesome.
On sunday mention use mentioned insurance panels,
i know that’s an area that a lot of cracks the practice listeners are like no we sunday for service on the street and someone on that on insurance panels what would advice you have for people that.
Many say i’m in a rural community i just can’t not the insurance is like how do you have a bad get on them what would list of their.
You’re exactly right in this roar air area you know it’s not a very densely populated areas so you have to cast a wider net.
And so for us it just made sense to get on is many panels we could i join the p every eight p company you can think of,
because i had to be able to anyone that call i had to be able to say yes we take your insurance inside a self pay rate but,
i have very very few self pay most people do want to use their insurance in this area or thirty eight p company,
so i spent a lot of time and i had some help my semi retired father in law,
i put in the work saying his here’s a list of every insurance company i can i can find i want to be on their panel so he sped,
days was working the phones and the an online we first open in the us you know i made some mistakes that probably join some pounds i didn’t need to put some time and effort into.

[14:41] Enjoying some insurance companies that i see one or two or even none of their of their members a year,
but for me i had to take the big ones i had to take in a blue cross blue shield some the national cares at no signal.
In our local if i didn’t i just wouldn’t have a practice yeah and you said that you made some mistakes and getting and the insurance is,
is there things you would’ve look for during that processor them or even really know until you actually on those insurance.

[15:09] I think it was experience so i had to be in it and then say okay this will probably wasn’t worth the effort,
yo i just found a list of insurance companies and said let let’s try to get on as many as we did but i didn’t know that there a lot of regional players they might be companies in michigan that you’re very familiar with i’ve never hurt.

[15:28] But i try to get on their panels there’s a hot hospital in eastern pennsylvania that i was in panel with them and they only ever and she had people come to their specific hospital that’s five hours away from this,
yeah that was in the army that makes sense any tips are sticking mean teeming with entrances or like negotiating rates with them like that’s just something i know,
zero about and so any advice like for someone like myself that would wanna consider that like what else would be helpful.

[16:01] What’s in your pretty much and you know you just have to keep your.
Things current with and most of them are used in with oh i know it is for,
in case of bagels it’s the council for affordable quality,
healthcare and what that is is if you on that site it’s kind of a database of health care and mental health professionals behavior health professionals,
and rather than filling out an application every single time you wanna join an insurance company you get on filters one it takes two hours to fill it out they wanna know everything about you,
but has it has actually everything on there and then when you wanna join the network most of them will just take your information from c aq h and then,
just on a yearly basis or even every two or three years they wanna see that your.

[16:52] You’re liability insurance is still current some of them want to see it when you dub me to some like that so you know we have it in a filing cabinet the use usually very good at letting us know when it’s time to get re credential,
yeah i remember when i was at a practice wears a ten ninety-nine it again to see a q h and,
that initial getting on their took so long ones on it was so much easier,
well worth it yeah yeah yeah so tell me about your personal story you to email me as your talking to talks a little bit about being in foster care getting adopted i think,
you know it’s one thing to see someone as successful as yourself where you are right now we’re making six figures got a great practice but they didn’t just happen like take us back to,
yo little take effect your childhood you know it’s funny i’m probably the least likely person,
to ever become a counselor and if you told my parents to twenty years ago is certainly,
twenty five years ago that mike’s gonna be a counselor someday they would’ve they would’ve laughed because my past accounting was circuit tutu’s that i said to say the least.
I was born in manchester now i was born in the small town and what were eastern pa and my mother passed away from.

[18:08] Breast cancer i was four on the fifth of six children so in johnstown the in the industry for a long time was steel,
or as we say around here still so it is still mail still in the steelers the pics purge dollars so,
my biological mother died when i was four and my biological father who worked in the steel mill lost his job he was,
probably always a heavy drinker but when she was alive she kinda kept things in check but,
but when she passed he really did the worst thing you could do we caught inside a bottle and neglecting us really horrific it was abusive.

[18:49] And still not my favorite topics not easy to talk about all these years later but eventually we,
where taken out of his custody and placed in foster homes i say eventually because it is so much is progress thankfully back to,
then the idea was mind your own business don’t get involved in the neighbors the neighbors didn’t wanna know what was going on now,
now there so much in place where if abuse is suspected or neglected suspected people can call a child line of state service and that’s all for the good but in nineteen seventy nine and nineteen eighty when this was happening wasn’t necessarily the case.
I meant that we finally got our discuss the literally you he chased us out of the house one night,
we are at a neighbors house my nine year old sister banging on the door please let us and so we spent some time in different foster homes in.

[19:38] And some of them weren’t very nice to us as well,
again foster care as come a long way but it’s still an imperfect system,
back in the day when I was first in foster care I don’t think that the aggressive background checks were in place that there are now and so some people that probably shouldn’t have been in foster care were again,
your time alarm system so i’m not blaming you know that the foster care in any counties in which we live but certainly some of the people with whom he lived was tough,
most people don’t keep six kids together either,
so we spent some time in group homes and i switch schools seven times in eight years you know so constantly being the new kid and that’s probably where i learned,
it was him and not stand up comedian but that’s right can lead to foster sense of humor because he know you trying to make people laugh,
i seen this for every,
school move that child makes a typically go back three to four months in time to seven moves me that’s like more than a year to potentially of weight lost,
education to i yeah i can imagine how you keep up with all those moves,
right in and my math skills certainly suffered but i was always the reader in it and.
This part because i always got comic books and no crawl up in a corner and just keep my head down and put my head and jay are talking in or comic book or something like that and i had older siblings that were very much into reading so that,
that’s probably wondering what help me not lose too much ground academically but you’re absolutely right so after before.

[21:12] Big placements is a big in like a length of time we were there for a few years,
paris and some smaller ones in between when i was nine years old i was adopted and while it wasn’t an easy transition,
it with this road happy childhood begins my first part of my child was was not very happy but after i was adopted by the pack offices they really gave me and my two brothers in new lease on life my three older sisters were not adopted.
But my me and my two brothers were but it wasn’t getting an easy transition initially you know we were i was nine my older brother was twelve thirteen,
my younger brother was seven personalities are formed we had some anger we have trust issues obviously you it bounced around so many times so my parents did all the right things are supposed to do they try to get us in the counseling,
and i hate it i was resistant to some where it somewhere in heaven there’s a counter looking down going to see this whenever i get an opposition okay to real to,
this is well-earned because that was me oh yeah you know having done counseling with kids in foster care and kids have been adopted like.
There are some of the hardest thing nuts to crack the boiler once you do it like for me it’s always sofa feeling cuz they’re so if you don’t think they can trust and like when you can and gone through,
the ringer that they put you through and then finally other again okay i trust you like there’s just,
what is one of the best feelings in the world and to see that growth once they build that trust is just amazing,
absolutely no responsibility for us as counselors because we don’t want to we won’t take that trust lightly right.

[22:48] It is hard earned so yes import responsibility but i’m just kinda did the normal kid stuff after that guy really in the basketball.
And then when college again do quick so your adoptive parents like now that you’re an adult and can can look back leaking of this counselors working with adoptive parents adoptive families any quick tips and he uses a couple buspar,
actress is that maybe you see emerge from your experience sure patients.
Patience and time and realize that many of these children are our coming from the horrific experiences all,
and can it might not even be outward abusive it could be that they were just emotionally neglected and so i know i certainly learned strategy of pushing people away i didn’t want to be vulnerable,
so i am,
whenever i need adoptive parents or foster parents and they’re bringing their children in for counseling i tell them you are my heroes i love adoptive parents because i love my doctor pair.

[23:50] And so so much there is a survey they give me my brother’s new lease on life but the message for them this is patients,
don’t take this personally there there’s learning how to develop healthy relationships once they realize that they’re not going anywhere and you’re not going anywhere then the probably let you in a little bit,
but these as natural defense mechanisms that they have learned to either push people away or,
or to make life so difficult,
that you want to get rid of them yeah i’m gonna hurt you before you hurt me yeah like i’m gonna reject you guys right so you can sweetheart re exactly,
yeah well see go off to college and so when did counseling creep as as your option,
after i didn’t make it in seminary i only,
yeah i went to college in a doing a paternity did the whole college experience had a lot of fun i always tell people i majored in for turn it in,
actually major in philosophy which is almost like majoring unemployment,
but i got my philosophy degree and it just felt called,
to priesthood irish catholic cradle catholic and and it just felt like that’s what i was called to do i always knew that i wanted to help people.
That’s why i feel like,
i was being led so but i don’t want to i always had girlfriends all didn’t catholics obviously are the seller,
or east third so i am in seventh grade okay twelve catholic school and remember we had to take this test and i scored that i could like be a good priest an hour so sad i’m like i don’t agree with the exact.

[25:25] So i went in to seminary this to show it really wasn’t for me i went and twenty three,
and i think the time i was the fifth youngest out of a hundred men that were there,
and i was still in college mode i didn’t take it seriously so i went in for a year and a half i took a year leave of absence move to upstate new york data girl came back,
took that finished actually have an ma in sacred scripture so finish that and then it was doing an internship and.
I think you know becoming obvious that wasn’t for me that the powers that be knew that i certainly knew it and looking back i was using mature and kind of acting out just,
so almost daring them to say that this isn’t for you had so in two thousand three.

[26:09] They sent me down and they said do you really think this is for you and i said funny you should ask,
so it was existential moment read some friends are going on vacation taking a beach trip and sat on the beach with them and i was what am i gonna do with my life i had no-no money i had a masters in theology which many i could teach,
religion high school or something and a friend who is a teacher said he wants you to be a guidance counselor you know you’re good with kids and you like helping people and i said.

[26:37] That sounds great and everything for me so when went back to,
gotta get my second masters this time in school counseling but when i was doing a school counselor realize that well that’s important and i value school counseling it was not for me like doing the one on one sec and social,
counseling so big i have a certificate i’m a licensed,
school secondary school guidance but.

[27:02] Never yours to that on graduation i took the extra credit that we need him pennsylvania to get a license and that’s only one i’ve ever worked,
gotcha you have.

[27:13] Here we got people that don’t have a practice as large as yours that listen what are some of the like pitfalls that business owners may fall into weather that’s in marketing and running a business like just what are some tips that you can give.
Business owners well.
You can’t be all things to all people so you do have to develop in its and i know that you’re very good at that i love your line that you say we work with,
angry kids it got no receive it on,
i got angry kids frustrated parents and distant couples and just about everybody else that’s great i love that too.

[27:56] That’s what i am gonna do also realize that they are their entire industries that have risen up of last years of,
people who want to sell you things how to do the best in google how to do the best on yahoo is people still use how to do the best on this or that and you know when i first start also i have till and even though it as ceo meant so,
my advice to business owners is to educate yourself on it but,
but any rapid will service is gonna show you reviews you’re gonna be able to go on-line and check them out they’re not gonna high pressure you.
I know i do some advertising but i didn’t know exactly where to put those thing that the advertising dollars and i had just kind of i put up a website and people come find me because i’m a good counselor is not quite that simple right,
right i think that’s interesting isn’t your first kinda bootstrapping it trying to make things work you wanna learn everything but.
You know the more that i learn the more like wow i really wasted a lot of time trying to do all of that myself julie hanks and i were hanging out at the most awesome conference and she had said,
do what you do best and outsource the rest and yeah i think it’s a really hard,
when you have that bootstrapping mentality like i but i don’t have the money down search the rest but so often someone else will do it so much better hoping before.
Absolutely yeah how do you figure out where you’re gonna put your marketing money or advertising money to grow your practice,
it was trial and error for us and also reaching out to two people that have done that that’s probably where i could have.

[29:31] Growing quicker i didn’t have a mentor in this business early on i work for somebody else in,
and i learned a lot there but when i left it was kind of it was final shall we say when i left so who you,
yeah i didn’t have somebody cut i didn’t stumble upon you upon you to we met this year in a ca so it was kinda making it up as i go you have to be willing to make some mistakes.

[29:56] And learn from those but also to put in the time to self educate bit it was very confident in you had.

[30:04] To counseling and i do have this entrepreneurial spirit like being my own boss and you and i wanted to do things a certain way so that meant i had to sit down and in kinda train myself,
and i knew that i bring work ethic and attention to detail so it doesn’t matter whether you’re opening a laundromat or or a restaurant but,
not in a micro managerial sense but i just found that i do very well when i work very hard and i can focus in on things and have a real,
yeah yeah i know that for me sometimes that attention to detail cuz i think i have a lot of that to.
I find myself not launching things as fast as maybe i could because i notice of this funk is off or i gotta move this over just,
it’s like the whole idea of being a paralyzed by perfection how do you combat that cuz of your such a balancer between like.
I want to perfection like i would be awesome but then also i get content out there for people so that is just not sitting on my desk top.
Right it and that is the trick to kinda like check yourself will be rice a roni going knock yourself exactly nineties hip hop something about it,
yeah that’s the key is is the kind of say prioritizing what comes next i like to make lists and and but i do have to sometimes i,
do exactly you’re saying that this font is not exactly the way i wanted to be and go when it i really need to be doing this right now to move on to something else so,
i think that if you can’t turn up the volume on your inner dialogue a bit.

[31:35] And just gonna sit back and say i want what is it that i’m doing here how has this affected houses helping me get,
to where i want when i work with kids a lot of times i’ll say this and i’m gonna teach you ten magic words that can change your life are you ready kid what am i doing to make life better for myself and,
what am i doing i’m not wise my teacher picking on me not wise mommy not why is this girl not paying attention is what am i doing to make it better for myself so,
i have to apply that right it physician heal thyself after sit down to go is this making life better for myself first i have to define,
what would it be for life to be better for me and is helping me get to my goals yet yeah i love that idea if it really kinda matches up with,
what gary keller says in the one thing he says with the one thing you could do today that would make everything else easier.
And that the more that we think about those sorts of things it just seems like it it then prioritize your time for you.
Yes exactly so mike what’s one thing that every counselor in the world were listening right now you just want them to know.
Do whatever joseph and tells you to in all seriousness now i know you’re gonna be you’re embarrassed by praise but you,
you’ve been such a huge help to me listening to your podcast you know you’ve turned me on so many fair brighter visions you know my web sites through them there they’re awesome to work with,
ex out to perry and will and kaitlyn and everybody there you know you turn me on to dan when luray was.

[33:08] Big helping kind tweaking my bad word so in all seriousness though.

[33:14] If everybody of every council in the world will st right now i would say this practice good customer service,
remember that were in the business of helping people but we’re in the business of helping people that the treat it like a business because that’s what it is,
how many times on your show do you say or do we hear people say they didn’t teach me this in graduate school right because their focus was teaching you counseling,
but just use common sense what do you like to see when you go someplace you wanna see clean lobby wanna start and end on time you don’t want to wait,
your doctor or dentist office so you want your phone calls returned if you remember nothing else about what i say i think the,
what we separate ourselves in this very room or area is we have,
good counseling and we practice very good customer service i love that play every so often.
And the counselors here like where you doing for your voice mail on the deck all usually get to within forty eight hours or whatever might want to hire a va to answer your phone for fifteen bucks an hour and pay him,
you just when they’re answering and you think how many intakes you could get when you just have someone answer the phone or at least return files twice a day for a.
Exactly and again it’s taking that long term you,
no not link short term i don’t wanna spend fifteen dollars an hour but looking long term i may get the phone calls returned and i’m not gonna miss potential clients they’re gonna come and see me so its like,
think about just from what you said think how much it takes for someone to pick up the phone or drop an email,
to say i wanted to counseling i mean that’s like months if not years of decision making and then your neck and return the phone call right away like.

[34:47] It is just like love’s losing clients such good advice and i don’t think i’ve had anyone really care products politic customer service like you just did so thanks for saying that.
Absolutely make you have awesome giveaway slash article for the listeners judges talk a little bit about that sure absolutely,
you know i’m not in the in the consulting game per say but i really strongly empathize with with those of us who are working in these roar area so if you go to to my website which is washingtontherapist.com,
slash jo i have an article up there it’s it’s for ten things that you can do,
two ten ways to succeed in a row market in just some things that you know i sat down and thought about it,
in anticipation of this interview what is left of my success in i don’t think it’s cancer sometimes we get uncomfortable talking about money but do i have a six figure practice here and it’s that’s not me bragging it.

[35:45] That’s me saying i work hard at it and like i wanna see other people succeed and joe and i you know we both know the,
the financial word of a private practice and the freedom that we have now to do things you wanna do so at washingtontherapist.com/joe ten ways to succeed in a row or market in anybody ever wants to email me my email is [email protected] again that’s [email protected] and although mike says he’s not a consult and i’m pushing him,
very becoming they feel like this girl market and also being an insurance like i get people that say they wanna take insurance and i don’t have,
who the anyone to refer them to so.
Hopefully the tenants live or we may elements of hair due consulting with you what will change his mind so well never crossed my mind until you and i talked about it so yeah.
In again i could not be more we’re grateful to you my friend thank you so much for having me on for for this opportunity and for every,
thing that you teach all of your listings to all your great thanks so much mike and i’m so glad we connected aca and could be on the show and.
What links mission is to all these different things and like and i talked about today so just a minute i give you that link and like thanks so much for being on the show thanks for having me joe.

[37:02] Music.

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[37:51] Just seems like a good kid number quickly approaching episode one hundred i have some very special guests that are going to be on that show i want you to participate.
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I would love to hang out when i’m in seattle and they just plan to connect in person so if you are a listener and you want.

[38:38] Send me a message on twitter at a practice or stop me email joe at practice of the practice you’d be fun to find a time that we can all meet up.

[38:47] And i think that’s pretty much it don’t forget about that washingtontherapist.com/joe.
Ten ways that you can succeed as a girl therapist to you guys are awesome i’m just so thankful.

[39:01] This community i get emails every day affect.

[39:04] I did inbox zero hr to go through the entire thing archive to take action or delete.

[39:12] And on thursday as i entered into my week and i was in back zero to monday morning you guys have blown it up and i had sixty plus miles.
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[39:38] Music.

[39:48] Elsa sexy and madeline nearest what music in this podcast with design but after thirty.
And got some kind of covered it with the understanding that post publisher is surrendering legal accounting or clinical or other,
i’m sure information need a professional you should find one or become a consultant part used to be deducted got the kids school.

[40:11] Music.