PoP 204 | How To Outsource Almost Anything With Jaime Jay

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Today, Joe Sanok speaks with Jaime Jay on how to outsource almost anything.

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Over-serving people

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Process of Coming Up With A Business Idea

  • Is it a viable product?
  • Build framework
  • Bounce idea off of others

Make sure you do something as if it is the last time you are going to do it. Create a workflow that you can eventually hand over to someone else. It also helps for auditing purposes.

The number one mistake people make when outsourcing is assuming that that person knows everything. Training is still important. You only have to train them once. People also aren’t aware that you can outsource, and are scared to give up control. But, when you outsource, you can give up the mundane tasks to be able to focus on what you enjoy most!

Meet Jaime Jay

Jaime is a big hockey fan and he loves incorporating the sport into his business. He is the managing director for http://slapshotstudio.com, a WordPress development company where he builds websites that help define your brand.

He is the host of http://stopridingthepine.com. It’s a business marketing show where he interviews top thought leaders, authors, business professionals and more.

One of the most challenging areas in the podcasting industry is finding the time to consistently publish your podcast. He founded http://podcastpilot.com. This is a company that helps solve the time spent on publishing podcasts by offering professional editing and writing services. Basically, all a podcaster has to do is record their show and hand it off to Podcast Pilot. They will put your podcast on auto-pilot.

He is also the founder of http://doneforyouwp.com. Jaime has established a staff of WordPress developers that provide WordPress maintenance and help for people that don’t have the time or the knowledge to manage their own WordPress website.

Meet Joe Sanok

Joe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.





Podcast Transcription

Pop 204 | How To Outsource Almost Anything With Jaime Jay

[0:00] Music.

[0:08] This is the practice of the practice podcast with joe sanok and alison pidgeon session number two oh four.

[0:14] Music.

[0:26] I have a law suit and.
Welcome to the practice of the practice podcast i’m co host joe sanok and with me is.
alison pidgeon welcome to the program today you doing well.
I am thank you i hope you don’t have much going on after this recording you have been a power podcast co host now i think i deserve an actor’s you do you need to slow down and then sparks and innovation,
which recovering ten podcasts that are all about how to slow down to spark innovation if you haven’t downloaded the.
Part video series that compliments this podcast series,
head on over the practiceofthepractice.com/slowdownvideo and you can download all three of those,
as well next summer we’re gonna be having a conference here in beautiful northern michigan over at slowdownschool.com you can read all about it’s going to be incredible,
or gonna be easy slowing down the spark innovation and making your business is just rock it out of it’s hilarious how you outsourcing do all those non essentials off your pc.
And alison i know the a lot of experience in regards to this what your thoughts are outsourcing and counselors the are outsourcing.
Yeah it hurts to someone about this in my interview is about how you know your business feels like your baby and it feels really hard to give away part.
To have someone else do because you wanna make sure it’s done right and to your standard and you know but when you try to do everything your business is gonna suffer.

[1:59] Yeah yeah i think that.
When you really want to slow down or go on vacation or spend time with your family or if you have a sick family member like right now we have a sick family members dealing with a lot of stuff like i wanna be able to go help that person,
and not worry about my bottom line getting hit to hard and so.
To me having in infrastructure of whose gonna answer phone calls who’s going to calendars has a follow up with clients,
yeah if you for some reason can check your email for four days you have something you trust that can go in there that understands their processes understands,
how to respond understands what needs your immediate attention what can can be delayed for a couple of days,
all those things to me are moving that mindset for being so open door to just like a solo practitioner having ceo mindset even if you don’t have a group practice.

[2:46] Yeah and only having somebody to answer the phone for me has been a huge stress reliever.
Yep was like while you’re in a session then people can be getting scheduled rather have to wait i was calling clinician recently and her,
voicemail said i get back to you within forty eight hours and i was like what’s.
We have a that’s a really long time like itself if i’m a teacher how to grow her business i’m gonna say your hired va or forgot await your return calls within the hour to.
Rate yeah because people early you know obviously having a hard time that i want to wait two days for you to call them back,
right and i think forty eight hours feels like that’s nice yes nice about your best friend and like tonight in a crisis but,
you know for most people call for counseling two days like they’re not coming with a counselor.
Right there is the kindly find some answers the phone yeah totally so today we’re going to talk about outsourcing i think this is the final this is the seventh practice of the practice i,
i can’t talk to little earlier on about how the first really going up the mountain that middle three,
are he be legal and howitzers have that’s entirely on side because i feel like it’s coming down from the mountain it’s coming down from the high of he that goal.
In the people that don’t come down from there and then take all the non essentials off the.
They just keep adding more and more to the play and eventually they’re gonna burn out and so you have to be brutally outsourcing as much as you can.

[4:16] Lols i and where can i draw some of the canon cost concerns all of that to me interview with jimmy j.

[4:23] Music.

[4:30] Today on the practice of the practice podcast we have jamie j back on the podcast jamie has been on the show once to a reverse interview with me once to a regular interview,
and jamie i had to have you back for this last step of the seven practices of the practice welcome back to the show.

[4:48] Thank you so much for having me what honor holy cow the hat trick,
i know she’s in like a month and a half and i think it all just be connected personally that day that we had tech issues and is like.
You’re just the kind of guy that if you lived in traverse city i think we hang out all the time of you so cool so much fun.
Little chilly though yes it is right now it’s snowing is the building going up next door and they’d shovel the snow off of for the do there were also.

[5:15] Yeah that’s it cold here so we’ve been covering the seven practices of the practice all as part of this series about slowing down the spark innovation,
so when you get to the point that you ready to innovate,
that you know exactly how to set and achieve and outs are schools answer the first third of it is all about like a planning the goals we did talked about defining planning,
all of that evaluating where you’re at and then where can we talk to achieving the goals which we talk for creating content we talk to attracting the right partners,
over serving your clients and then the part that almost,
every entrepreneur misses is the outsourcing part because our brains get so lit up when we do these goals on one of and then next thing sick jamie,
tell me a little bit about why outsourcing is such an important part of when your setting and achieving goals.

[6:05] Well again thank you so much for having me on i think yeah what you cover so far is pure gold and it i,
totally agree with you one of the biggest challenges that people like you and i make or other entrepreneur’s make is the executioner and i’m the feeling of overwhelm of not really knowing or knowing what to expect,
oftentimes headers i think that execution and,
it’s so important to be able to stay on top of it and plan to the execution strategies and such a way that you don’t get overwhelmed and a lot of times,
outsourcing certain things or delegating certain things really help to control that.
Execution strategy i keep saying that word but i think it’s really really important,
so one of the things that you can do is come up with we even have a delegation tool you can literally go through this and you write down all of the tasks that’s associated with a particular,
launch or are program or whatever it is and which really need is you realize holy cow i’m doing so much stuff how much of that stuff to give me energy well that’s the stuff that you wanna keep doing how much that stuff,
doesn’t give me energy that’s the stuff you wanna looked outsourcing you can look outsourcing multiple ways either through,
automated tools or through hiring virtual assistants or through asking for help from your colleagues and peers to help you no share no share the word of what you have going on so.

[7:40] That’s okay yeah we’re looking for the jimmy working people get that delegation tool.
People can’t get the delegation told by going to its bottleneck dot on-line,
and you’ll see right there there’s a little button that you can click on to get the,
get the contact and you fill out the contact will send off the delegation told its free totally free that’s awesome,
yeah i go over there to bottleneck dot line to get that and i’ll put that in the show notes as well.
So you have four different businesses and that kind of match people with a few different needs that people tend outsource now i would love to hear when you had the idea for each one,
we don’t go through every single one of the four but surely when you have this i do what if i launch this fifth company that helps entrepreneurs in this way.
It what process you go through in setting your goals and achieving them and then taking as much of your place so that you can put time into the things that matter most.

[8:42] I love the action that is awesome this so,
the first thing the first thing i do when i look at whether or not i should launch another servers is i first kind of gauge the interest level,
to see if it’s even a viable product or service and i do that through doing research on google and,
going into different groups on facebook and chatting with them and finding out what challenges people have and whether or not this particular solution would benefit them and kinda find out that we before,
make sure it is a viable product once i understand that it it is a viable product then what i’d like to do is kind of.
Build kind of a framework of what i think it would look like and i usually take about a day to do this and then once i do that i,
i surround myself a couple of people that i really like and love and trust and thankfully i’m involved in a in a mastermind which i highly highly recommend,
when people look into i think masterminds are fantastic and as a matter of fact one of your previous guest mr a run walker is my.
Mastermind mentor and just of.
Fantastic in its people like that like to bounce these ideas off of once i have a general idea and then i get the feedback from them and that helps me kinda tweak it,
and move forward in such a way that,
after it had the constructive criticism or the feedback i’m really helps me to focus in on what’s the right thing to do i’ve got some market data and then of course my peers and colleagues give me feedback that really helps me.

[10:14] Go in the right direction as far as creating the idea and moving forward of course there’s all kinds of details and stuff you can share can do after that,
that’s how to get started so you get started with it and then you start to launch this new idea so this fifth businesses fifth hypothetical business will ones that once it gets going how do you decide what you’re gonna take off of your,
exam engine on the phone and your kind of the visionary for and you’re gonna have more kinda time the putting into it.
How do you decide from an energy standpoint what things to take off your plate right away or even maybe from the front and maybe you outsource things that from the beginning of new projects sure,
i’m and thanks again great question and this i have to give credit to scott b a good friend of mine who helped me realize this,
quite some time ago so,
you’re right i have to invest that time in the beginning because ultimately it is my or our vision right that and so one of the best things that i’ve noticed or that i’ve learned is that make sure you do something.
As if it’s the last time you’re ever gonna do it so what that means is when i when i start out or i start this new vision out i’d literally one,
create it and work in the way that i think it’s gonna be best suited for that particular target so what i do is i create a work flow,
and as i’m going step by step through the process sees i’m writing down literally in detail okay have gone here and since i’m on mine i click here okay then on the next thing i’m gonna do is this and you know for whatever service or product its gonna be,
and as soon as i’m done with that while it may take a lot longer and usually does.

[11:48] Now i have a work so that i can hand off and delicate either that entire task or maybe certain elements of that task,
two people that identify that can handle that aspect of it creates or what part you know assistance whatever the case may be,
i love that point of creating work flows as if it was your last time doing it today i was walking in from the parking garage into my office and,
having recently talked iran walker about his story we heard a couple of weeks ago how he unintentionally killed a pedestrian and how that.
Like just mean i can’t imagine having that happen in as i was walking and i was thinking about that if there’s traffic going through the parking project thought.
What if i died today what would happen to my business and i can’t realize that there’s a lot of things that are all in my head,
my wife knows quite a few of them are playing and is that she can take over the administrative side to keep mental illness counseling going in as much of practice at the practice going.
Pay realize that,
i don’t have nearly enough of the systems written down so that could be a hand off the didn’t affect our clients of the clinicians or you’ll the audience of practice of the practice.
And so i love you bring them from an automation standpoint but also even just thinking about all of the counselors there listening,
yeah if something happen to you and some had to take of your business cuz you got sick you have to get had a disability happen or something i,
that is to be able to keep the business going and doesn’t just have a can i die with you and continue to make an impact on the world.
I love the idea of having a system set up well and i’m glad you said that because it you know that yeah something like.

[13:24] That happened and so tragic and you never know what’s gonna happen but also just for the valuation of your company if you ever decide to sell or anything like that whenever you do try to sew the company you know people come and do,
in anne has an audit of your company in your book and your processes and if you have all this laid out guess what you just added a ton of the heat your business and it’s a lot easier to simply,
hand off you probably won’t have as long as transition period as someone who didn’t have these systems in place,
yeah i mean imagine if you are just coming out of graduate school and wanted to lunch accounts and practice and someone was on the brink of retirement and they’re kinda ready to fade out.
And they it’s upgrade practice that agree website good automation that this whole team of people that’s basically like you came and you had a full case load.
How much value would that be to buy a company like that or to sell your company area that that’s there’s a clear bottom line in regards to figure out the systems.

[14:20] There is no ice i did get off outsourcing little bit there but i just think that’s so important and such a big part of preparing for.
I’m anyone who’s thinking about outsourcing well no i think it’s right in line with the i recently started having an assistant check my e-mails and before i even started hiring someone to do that or look into it,
i just started keeping track of common replies that i had to set up a google doc and said here’s the hands replies and me the list of ten things i always wanna be the one to reply to so for example if.
If i counseling play e-mails me about their son having got kicked out of school,
i wanna know that now so wanna text message from my sister saying hey so and so just e-mailed you were not even a personal thing just there’s an important email it starting your email,
please go in there and questions to follow hit by an all that stuff is well but,
just be able to figure out what you’re doing on a regular basis is such an important part of starting to outsource aspects of your business.

[15:15] Thing is to turn it i’m really interested in so.
What are things that get in the way of people outsourcing what are some common maybe mistakes people make and what can they do to overcome those.
Well it’s fantastic question hooking him so the number one mistake that people make,
in outsourcing it and i guess if you’re talking about outsourcing to let’s use an example of a virtual assistant or va or an assistant one of the biggest things that entrepreneurial people like you and i make is that,
we think they already should know everything and so we don’t invest the amount of time,
to train them and bring them up to speed and let them know the way that we like things to be done because we understand that and this is what’s been working this is the number one thing we don’t spend that time so,
if you believe or not if,
if you spend thirty minutes training somebody on how to do a five minute task so they know everything about that seems unreasonable that seems crazy it only takes me three,
five minutes why am i gonna spend thirty minutes will because you only train once,
get me time to do that five minute task throughout the year you know twenty thirty forty fifty hours worth of time to do that five minute task,
then i can free up that time later on which is huge another thing that people are afraid of doing is that they just don’t know that they have the ability.

[16:46] Outsourced just not aware that is an option for them and then they’re also scared because now,
they kinda have to release or give up some of their control but i like the kind of with that on its,
you know on its hind quarters there and say no actually you’re freeing up your time to do more of what does your energy on what you enjoy and leave the stuff the mundane details of the things that actually detract.
having fun or enjoying what you’re doing and give it to somebody that gives them energy so you find someone to fill those positions for you i think right there those are probably the probably the top three things that people most people,
don’t know about four afraid of yeah i think the liver counselors in particular because we just don’t,
anything about business grad school there’s a couple grad schools are starting to have business in private practice classes as part of their programs but very few still have that.
But the idea of even having someone answer the phone is just ss,
like wait why would someone answer the phone but yeah early on in the series with mark hanson from spark space in ohio talk and at the very end of this people what’s one thing that,
you know what every counselor to he really got personal where his own son has really need to counseling and he also is needed counseling and he talked about how frustrating it is,
to make all these phone calls and play phone tag for four five days just to get in to see a counselor but yet he causes primary care doctor,
heater on one phone call and he can even go on-line to the port on schedule it in so i think that.

[18:18] We will miss opportunities to make an impact on the world because these people that are great fit for us to genuinely be helping,
just because we don’t answer the phone they’re not scheduling with us,
if so what advice would you have for people that are just starting to think about outsourcing something in their practices so,
you said things that don’t give you energy maybe drill into that a little bit more,
what examples that you see with entrepreneurs that they say i really should start outsourcing this.

[18:48] What but that’s okay we’ll here’s a great example if i go through my entire day.
The thing i hate doing most but is very important to my business is writing proposals that,
does not give me energy i have to do research and i have to write and i have to and it’s kind of,
repetitive it’s the same thing over and over and over come with the exception of the details for that particular proposal but the form at the same and it’s,
oh my gosh it is so time consuming proposal can take me and hour to two hours to do so,
once i identified an assistant i showed her exactly what i do now to after it pulls anymore and it,
makes me so happy if any of that time,
so if you pick things up maybe it maybe don’t like email maybe when you see that you have five hundred fourteen and email and red email messages in your inbox you get overwhelmed like oh my gosh i gonna get all these emails taken care of.

[19:50] That is anxiety you don’t want that you want something that cuz you energy so,
show somebody spent some time in train them on how to check your emails just like you did i think that’s,
brilliant you don’t have to do that anymore and you can concentrate on business development or your coaching or your podcast things that really give you that energy yeah yet so he said the proposal thing i think one thing that.
A lot of people say themselves is knowing can write a proposal and jamie j i am the one that knows how to sell i’m the one that knows the details.
So how did you get over that kind of thought only i can do it as well as i can do it,
and then how did you train somebody to be able to do these proposals as good or maybe even better than how you act on them in the past,
that is a very popular question in a lot on to the new owners are control freaks and,
and they are right to a certain extent however a lot of what they’re doing especially if it’s something that’s repetitive.
Can be taught or can be you know you can train people to do that educate them on how to do that i think the biggest thing for me was,
again i wanna go back to the mastermind they have a thing called man in the middle and.
In basically with that is we set middle we tell them with what you know what our chances are and they sit there and,
we call the carving station sometimes cuz the light just get over yourself into an.

[21:21] And that’s almost wanna tell people sometimes i just like just get over yourself it’s not that i,
i tell them that obviously but it’s if it’s hard to lose a control but it’s your being apart of being an art nor of that thing you know on your own business things like that is taking rests,
and this is in essence for a lot of people taking a risk because you relinquish were a drink watching what you’ve created to someone else,
but in so doing you can also use your knowledge to be able to explain to whoever this other person is,
so what happens in the created in the same way that you do it and that’s why it’s so important that you spend time with them and don’t just automatically assume that they’re gonna take care of it in a way that you would,
and ensure that as much as you do yeah it’s such wise words i think i think about how often people,
can i pushed back so i don’t even wanna grow my practice i don’t want to necessarily have more clinicians i’m happy with how it is and that may be true.
But even just thinking about how much time are you spending answering phones are turning phone calls if you did one extra session at,
a hundred fifty dollars you could probably pay someone for eight to ten hours to be able to be answering the phones and checking e-mails and so that could then potentially free up.
All this extra time even if you don’t even wanna grow your practice and said to me it’s just such a no brainer that a virtual assistant they should be,
cost positive right away or you’re making money off of that time or at least getting just time back from that.

[22:55] I totally agree the thing about counselors to is what do you like about being a counselor.
Do you like doing e-mails and no answering phone calls or do you like actually working with people and helping people,
and for to me if i was a counselor i would think that i do but that’s the thing that gives me energy is saying that wow i’ve really help this person out i feel really good about myself i don’t,
do e-mails and say wow i really feel a lot better about myself for sending that email right now but um so so it i think you it you could have to,
take stock of why you’re doing what you’re doing and.

[23:37] You know spend more time and go back to it but it’s so key in if even if you don’t want to grow your business,
i wanna have fun with that still yeah so for you personally when you started outsourcing more or even with the clients that you work with that outsource more.
So we’re talking all these things will for you personally what happens when you free up that time when your able to go after your big ideas when your able to spend more time with family and friends like will,
what are some a personal size of this that if people outsource more than up these are the things that happen well.
This is it this is it this is a good question i wish my girlfriend was us you probably hear this so she said can you work too much you work too much and you know if we’re together you’re on your phone well.
If if now that if i go back she so appreciates the time we have for each other will go out to dinner and then we wake up the next morning and the task that i had,
that work that needed to be done are finished that next morning i can’t tell you how good that feels its amazing its bought our relationship,
closer together we spend more time with each other were less stressed,
because i’m worried about things that may not get taken care for now i have all the confidence in the world in my team and they’re doing so much work to wear,
i know things are gonna get accomplished and it’s just a whole floor fantastic film that’s awesome that’s so awesome and if so i think is true of so many people i think back to the summer time.

[25:13] When it was icy and snowy here in northern michigan and most mondays my wife and i we go stand up paddle boarding with our girls and you five year old two year old they just sit on the paddle boards with their life jackets in a,
and i would joke with my wife like every monday like i hate mondays and that’s because i was able to outsource things that it’s not like you have to make all this money to be able to do it just deciding what kind of lifestyle you wanna live.
Give me the team of people around you and then it really st here’s the things i can take off my plate so i can really do the things that i do best and then outsource the rest.

[25:50] Exactly and then people often times worry about the cost factor the financial aspect of it but it it’s more of an investment,
it’s it is it’s just it it helps improve your quality of life ten fold i mean i’m i’m just a huge fan yeah well jimmy jay of every counselor in the world relaxing right now what would you want them to know.

[26:12] I would want them to know to have the confidence,
can get it on the right on the list of every single thing you do and believe me you’ll be surprise right down a list of every single tasks that you do in a given day and then take the things that give you energy,
and concentrate on those the things that don’t give you energy find some way or some how that you can delegate those tests,
gigi thank you so much it’s so interesting because i did not coordinate any of these interviews to have them talk to each other but,
if you guys remember kelly higdon said do it time order of exactly where you’re spending your time,
lewis house talked about how you one of his parts of his equation where he puts time and is whether or not it’s gonna be fun shape happens and was talking about the one thing i mean,
this should be an on going thing for all of you listening that you need to do some sort of time audit and looking at what’s giving you energy and what’s just sucking it out of you so head over to bottleneck dot on-line,
you guys can download the delegation tool jimmy j thank you so much for being a part of the series on the seven practices of the.
Actors we so appreciate you joining us on this podcast it’s been an honor thank you so much.

[27:24] Music.

[27:31] What interview with jamie j so awesome he is such a cool guy and i had so much fun talking with him about how we start outsource more get things off of our.
Really free of our time alison will with it you know you have some thoughts on this one.

[27:47] Yeah that was so huge for me when i hired my virtual assistant and started to train her and then realized that,
she is amazing at what she does and you know through that process of bringing her on.
After you sort of do more and more things i realize like oh i don’t need to be doing this you know data entry stuff i can have her do that and once i’ve.
Took all those things that make lee and give them to her i was so much less stressed out is amazing,
yeah i remember just the other day i was over at me and said this in the interview with jamie and i remember i think i may have but if i’m telling you cuz you didn’t hear,
yeah that may be before i was at breakfast with a friend of mine in somebody like went to my friend and they talked for like twenty minutes at leaders on his arm air why didn’t recognize it and,
i was like a check my email but i need just the day before train someone to go through my email to prioritize that get like star if i need to reply,
there were no stars and there’s nothing i had to reply to so i just read the news and drink my cappuccino,
and she was a latte and it’s just so amazing how when you start to like ask yourself why am i doing this why am i not having somebody else do this,
it just helps you preserve your energy for the things you can do best.
Yeah i actually have a little relaxation time yeah exactly which is hard for people like me sometimes but it’s really good for me to just sit and,
read the news nothing negative frustrated with what’s going on the world yeah so did you interview today for the show.

[29:21] So i interviewed mark mayfield to on the very large for practice in colorado and i was just like mind blown when i started talking to him and you can actually hear me get,
plastered in the interview love it but still off because of what he said so he can yo you hear him say this but.
And eighteen months he has built a practice that has fifteen counselors and i was just like can even wrap my brain around the idea,
yeah marks off so i can hear this right cool so let’s with this interview with mark sitting at home with me mark me feel he is based out in colorado springs colorado he is actually lpc and a phd.
And mark think so much for joining us today and talking to us about your consulting experience.
Having trouble so mark tell us a little bit about your practice and what what’s happening you practice right now.
Yeah currently so we’ve been open eighteen months and we have fifteen counselors working for me.
And my wife and probably see anywhere from a hundred and twenty two hundred fifty click to week and average about five to six hundred clients to month.

[30:42] We have a nurse practitioner in a psychologist on staff also can provide that continue of care and holistic approach.

[30:53] And yeah i just mean we do and it’s been a lot of fun to see grow here in colorado springs and kind of with a facility that has been.
In my opinion missing for a while lafayette quite a bit practice their.
Yeah we do you start wanting to practice or did it start out with the soul of practice.
No i wanted to do it with somebody else i think i have a solo practice is one can be very lonely but two is.

[31:28] I just no fun me and my friend in i don’t wanna offend anybody but no it’s i want to deal with people and i wanted to have that kind of accountability and have that.
Consultation ability my so i was i was individuals licensed started it but had.

[31:47] When two or three people that came on pretty quickly after that were license candidates and work your way until i sent your house and you spend most of your time running a practice or do you still see clients.

[32:01] I am sixty my case load so super yes it may be tender to twelve week.

[32:10] But most of the time dress that time is the executive director stuff so great so at what point in that.

[32:20] Time in the eighteen months did you start doing consulting with joe i met joe.
The conference in where was it was it.

[32:35] What was his is after you start is before i started so one of my colleagues at while the university regular peach tea was good friends with joe.
And introduce me and.
I was playing the hose or window and saw says hey you start a private practice you push the talk to joe he be good purse.
Hi i stepped out to start the practice in march while the actual murder was in july of a year and half ago.
But i start me with joe in march of that year so okay so you haven’t even open your door yet before you have hired you how to.

[33:18] Correct agree so.

[33:25] The kind of changes the scope of some of the questions i was asking because most people kinda hire joe after so many months of trying to make it on their own and so you kind of the opposite shirley is probably.
The better route to go cuz and you not me he million mistakes and realizing yourself yeah i was thinking it was want to do it well and i don’t wanna take chances.
What’s the chance stopping and starting it right but i want a kind of not have as many.
Things out there risk wise and so joe really was it was great to have him from the beginning yes do you feel like.

[34:06] Consulting and i’ll add you to kind of accelerates what you were doing or like how did that help you when you’re in that phase of you haven’t even opened the doors yet.

[34:16] I just think it got me thinking about every little nuance that could that is private practice.

[34:24] So i think.
That we often start a private practice cuz you help people won’t work for cells and were not very good entrepreneurs and business people and so joe will help i think.

[34:40] Light the fire the entrepreneurial fire so to speak i think that a lot of us is his counselors and technicians just don’t have.

[34:51] Right so is really important that he kinda helped you figure all of this business pieces of what you need to do.

[34:58] Exactly so when you are in that start up fees what were some important things that joe pointed out to you that.
If you were able to establish before you even open the doors of the practice.

[35:12] I think it was just you know where to go for website stuff in phone things me some of the things that you just don’t think about as far as cutting costs and saving money.
I had already tried prior to starting my group practice had been the development person for a long term counseling center for an internship sites so i done some of those like just policy procedure and take stuff in like the bones.
I love the compressor practice but not for profit and so now can going into this like i’m gonna make a living.
Hello hello i can’t make us have a plan well so that i’m not having this enormous overhead so he provided this kind of.
But pieces yeah i think that’s one thing dough is so good at is like looking at how can you do something as efficiently as possible.
Oh yeah so before you were consulting with joe what was you’re at.
You know even when you were sort of in the beginning stages of opening a practice what is your average day like now with what are the differences.
When we wasn’t seeing anybody before so it was i was working for a university and doing so just those contracting low income counseling center.
And so now i’m in so yet and if you keep compared to now its you know i’m looking at.

[36:44] We’re looking at a thing in other site you know in town in growing the practice to be you know to be bigger and so looking at the financial pieces looking at,
can payroll and insurance and they don’t do an in state of colorado we doing quite a bit differently than what joe does in michigan with we can’t do ten anything contracting here cuz not all legal.
So to speak so we have a different way of doing things to do before employees and sub just me i’m learning so much more about preparing a business plan.
They never thought i would when i was getting my masters in counseling.

[37:24] See you really looking at the big picture stack of running the business but then also expanding yes so what is the plan with.
How many more conditions you looking at with the new location.

[37:38] We’re looking at starting another location up north in car springs probably and sept of next year and so adding a director plus three for more counselors to that.

[37:51] Is the goal but we wanna do it well not have enough stuff capital set aside in that kinda stuff so i am as german helpful with helping you figure out.

[38:02] No i mean i’ve johnny in the back and forth here and there but consulting and did he back in july we opened up our.
Your office for the first time and snow in our discussion of we go back and forth and talk as friends should yeah so you really just took the tools that he taught you and ran with them.
I absolutely gamut from is the big difference to be opened up and i think our first monthly we could roast maybe him two thousand dollar first month.
And we grossed over thirty thousand last month my so mean i just think you do the things that.
Joseph before you but you also really work hard just building relationships with people in the community and by the sky’s the limit.
Definitely anything to you know taking those nuts and bolts of what,
joe teaches and applying them you can you can just keep rate this it keeps growing exponentially.
Absolutely and i think your proof of that for sure.

[39:07] So what do you think about your influence on the world before you started a practice versus now or even your influence on your community how has had his she think what’s changed and i was,
we just want to think there is bothering me started is that i have a family member.
Call center account thousand dollar springs and never got a call back and so we want to be that it will play back within twelve hours was cut you with the same week.
We want to get you in a can of our mission our branding and so.
And we hired that and rights of our case loads are full where can i hire somebody else can continue the message.
And so i think they know it’s funny going to the community and people here lol to hear that i am exec director make a counseling and calmly heard about you in,
just saying so it’s really need to come here the impact would help the community.
No i’m in the process of sin to disrespect fifty about three weeks ago in the process now of going okay how do i.
Make this brighter and so were looking at doing training is we’re looking at doing writing a couple of books and different things like that can make it beyond i just are.
Hello kelly you know you handsome that you had a huge impact on your community because.
There weren’t easy access to mental health services before and now there is.
Yeah that wasn’t quality you know we were the way we printer offices you walk and it feels like you’re in somebody’s home ain’t.

[40:42] Now we take care of you want to relax in our thoughts for the cover the whole way of looking at things rates and is easy to make your mark because re standing out from everywhere down.
Absolutely and according to the people are afraid of self david toppings of pay my.
We just got tricare proof but we and we’re gonna petition some other ones but.
Yeah colorado the detailing is this is hard to get into cuz.
Saturation and so we just we just shows me go south bay and that’s not an issue that’s graduation thank you.
So my final question is what are some practical things that you learned as a result of consulting with joe that you think other people could learn from.

[41:32] Think having somebody to talk to not to do it not to think that you have all the answers to do by yourself but i have somebody that’s made this is.

[41:40] Mission and purpose to help people start up their practices and he thought about these different things and so.

[41:49] Yeah i didn’t know what to expect going in but i knew that i didn’t know everything or anything for that matter and so to hire somebody that knew what he was talking about his head that the track record.
Just stick with it and was put the best spin money that we use so far investing are our practice.
And so i think everybody’s experience will be different.
Is because the ribbing come into it with a different set of knowledge skills knowledge and skill sets and so i didn’t know what i didn’t know until i got talk with him really that makes any sense no and so.
So you know it was just wasn’t good well rounded decision staff training and i think.

[42:38] So often we just need somebody to like to bounce ideas off over tina even to say am i going on the right path here and i think that’s one of the really valuable things about working with joe.

[42:51] Absolutely thank you so much for talking marker really appreciate it and i am looking forward to seeing how your business.
Super appreciate it thank you else and i.

[43:02] Music.

[43:10] I think mark is just he’s a little different than the other consulting folks cuz he chose to do consulting before he even lost his practice and i remember when he was we’re dreaming about what you want to do it how you want to do it.
And i think it’s a hard job for a lot of people cuz we have this gonna bootstrap mentality like just like can i get a go at which is great but.
Then you like your and us and like mark and he can a skilled quickly.
Yeah night when i heard him say he reached out of you for even open the doors of practice i was like yeah that would have been really smart though i wish i had a joe said i could have consulted with me to like,
forgot the bill and ted’s excellent adventure time machine so.
Yeah thanks so much for doing all these interviews i know is a lot of time for you to do that to reach out all these awesome people.
Thank you so much to everyone that we got interview alison thanks so much for taking the time to go through the series with me.
Is wonderful i was so cool talking everybody in hearing their stories and hearing about all the successes the fan yet when it was so funny about our relationship is it started with kinda consulting,
and then you can the piano and practice and we’re stand up paddle boarding for that after it a little bit i remember in the van.

[44:28] You tory wow and lemon you’re like hey he’s like would you like a consultant that joins practice of the practice and i really respected that got cs of that,
i think there’s something about conferences there in person that you just really get to know people on a different level and,
not that i don’t want people to just listen to the podcast to grow but it’s like when you’ve met with someone and you seen them grow and you’ve seen them put in that work,
set all the more like go alison go kill it’s not consulting with practice the practice you join me as a co host during the series,
it’s just so amazing to see you grow so i just wanted to thank you so much for going out on a limb we’re sitting in that van going wine tasting.
Oh thank you yeah it was definitely a scary moment for me cuz i have no idea what you’re gonna say but i think that part of this journey for me has been.
You know it’s amazing what can happen if you just ask yeah.
You know i mean that i found my first office and you know so many other opportunities that i had along the way so i know i think out of that if other people can learn from it see no don’t be afraid to ask.
Yeah that’s such good advice and i think it’s true of.
Getting on the radio local paper at all these things that help you grow your practice often times for free it’s just a matter asking and put yourself out there.

[45:45] Well this coming summer i’m so excited about the conference that i’m putting on its gonna be half slowdowns,
lower gonna be kinda slowing down the spark innovation and then the other half of the super conference is peeling practice what you have heard about,
or we’re gonna be doing group consulting and then we’re gonna go wine tasting you can come to both of those things or you could just come to one of them for three days,
it’s gonna be so awesome at all these different bonuses for people that are doing the full week,
are we gonna hang out the water in lake michigan can read more about that over at slowdownschool.com also if you haven’t got the three part video series,
you have to this is by far the best video content that i’ve had the opportunity to make,
and i say i made but honestly cupla media are the ones that made me look so awesome they’re just such great bi differs and the focus and,
doing surface for videos or videos for therapists so head on over to practiceofthepractice.com/slowdownvideo,
give that three part video series we would love to continue to help you out.
Thanks for letting alison and i in two years into your brain and keep up the amazing hard work they’re doing to help the world.

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[47:12] This podcast is designed right accurate thirty two information in regards to the subject matter covered his computer seeing the new the host the gas or the publisher rendering legal accounting clinical or other professional information,
create a professional should find one and head on over to slowdownschool.com,
we are gonna be doing amazing conference this coming summer and would love to have you join us so that you can plan start and grow your private practice that’s rock this out together.

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