Practice of the Practice with Joe Sanok Episode 015 | Seven Ways to Avoid Burnout in Private Practice

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counseling podcast about private practice podcast on ipod

counseling podcast about private practice podcast on ipod

by Joseph R. Sanok

Practice of the Practice Podcast with Joe Sanok Session 015 | Seven Ways to Avoid Burnout in Your Private Practice

I don’t want to burnout, I’m having too much fun!

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The Practice of the Practice Podcast: Everything you should have learned in grad school. Counseling | Private Practice | Marketing | Small Business

In this podcast I cover all of the essentials for avoiding burnout in counseling!These are practical techniques to help you grow your practice.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Clear ways to not get burned out in the field of counseling
  • Ways to improve your overall life
  • How to improve your marriage in the process

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