Session 001 – How to Become a Consultant

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Welcome to the How to Become a Consultant Podcast! Listen to this episode right from

Hey there, I'm Joe. I'm really glad you're here!
Hey there, I’m Joe. I’m really glad you’re here! 


Let’s talk about how this consulting podcast is going to work. Every single business day I’m launching a new How to Become a Consultant Podcast episode. Each week, I interview the same consultant Monday-Thursday. Here’s how it’s structured:

  • Monday: How to grow a consulting specialty
  • Tuesday: How to grow a consulting audience and new clients
  • Wednesday: How to grow a consulting income
  • Thursday: It’s wild card day, I can ask the consultant anything I want.
  • Friday: I answer your questions you leave for me. Click here to leave me a question.

As a consultant that has worked with so many amazing people, I wanted to make sure that I was passing on the knowledge, continuing to learn, and sharing my discoveries.


In the coming weeks, I have some amazing guests coming on the show! Here’s the line up for the first 9 weeks:

  • Week 1: Pat Flynn
  • Week 2: Chris Ducker
  • Week 3: John Lee Dumas
  • Week 4: Pete Sanok
  • Week 5: Rick Mulready
  • Week 6: Andy Crestodina
  • Week 7: Miranda Palmer
  • Week 8: Shawn Stevenson
  • Week 9: Michael Zipurskp

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Transcript of Session 001

How to Become a Consultant Podcast with Joe Sanok and friends.

Grow a specialty, grow an audience, and grow an income.

The top consultants helping you to become a consultant today.

Welcome to Session 1 of the How to Become a Consultant Podcast. I am Joe Sanok and I am so excited that you are here. Thanks a lot for checking us out.

Well, today, I want to thank Legendary Lion for being our sponsor. They have done all of my websites and they do beautiful websites, beautiful logo design. Check them out at, they just do killer amazing fresh super cool websites that man, I just love them. So,, and are the ones they’ve done for me. So again, check them out,

So, today, we’re going to be talking about this podcast. We’re going to be talking about what to expect from this podcast, a little bit about my story as a consultant and just kind of letting you know what to expect. So, thanks for tuning in.

I’m Joe Sanok. I may have met you. I may not have met you. I’ve another podcast called the Practice of the Practice Podcast, and that’s aimed at counselors that are in private practice. I’m at the time of this recording, at around Session 80 of that podcast, and my specialty in that section of the world is helping counselors that are in private practice to just do an amazing job in private practice, to increase their influence and then also increase their income.

I’ve been doing that since about 2012, and I really came out of—you know 2011 and 2012 were really rough years for my family. So, during that time, my daughter had open heart surgery, I had cancer, and a lot of stuff happened just in our family life and for me, I realized if I wanted to increase my income at that point, all I could do is work more hours. I could do more counseling sessions, I could try to get another job. I had no way of increasing my income because I had a typical 40-hour-a-week job, and so I had had this private practice on the side for a long time and it just you know, it was going great and it continues to go great. I realized though, that if I wanted to increase my income that it was really tough to do that within that space. I could add a few more clinicians, but it was just really tough. So, as I looked at our family goals, kind of what we wanted to do and spend more time with my family and with my two beautiful daughters—at that time I only had one. Right now, I have a 7-month-old, as well. It just became very clear that I needed to develop a new specialty.

I just started blogging for like a year. In 2012, I blogged about marketing and business and private practices and psychology and counseling and all of that and about a year later, launched the podcast and it’s continued to grow and really saw that being a consultant was a lot of fun. There’s a lot of diversity within it.

For me, I’ve been consulting now, really since probably 2013 is when I started really doing more intentional consulting, and I have a handful of people I do consulting with every month and then keep my private practice going. Now, I have this new venture.

This How to Become a Consultant Podcast is really for me, just coming out of the fact that when I started consulting, I had no tools that I could find. I mean, there were articles by Ink Magazine or other places, there were podcasters that were talking about things, and I had to kind of hodge-podge it all together to figure out: how do I become a consultant, like I want to start, but I just can’t. I don’t know what to do so it was a huge learning curve for me, and this podcast and the really comes out of: how do we just bring it all together so that as aspiring consultants, as new consultants, as people that are doing consulting and want to just grow in this kind of new business environment, put it all in one place.

So, the way this is going to look is, every single week, I’m to going talk to different consultant and so next week, I’m going to be talking with Pat Flynn. Pat Flynn has the Smart Passive Income Blog and Podcast. He has the “1 Day Business Breakthrough (1DayBB) Podcast and Event” with Chris Ducker. The guy is grossing almost 200 grand a month in that type of consulting he’s doing in the passive income space.

On Monday of next week, I will be talking to Pat, all about how to grow a specialty. So, every Monday’s going to be a specialty, how do you grow it, how do you define it, so you’ve got this typical either 40-hour-week job or maybe you have a successful business. How do you turn that into a specialty that you can market as a consultant?

Tuesday is going to be all around growing an audience, growing clients. How do you find people that want to follow your work and eventually hopefully move into being a consulting client in whatever form that may take, and it may take the form of e-courses, that may be individual, one-on-one consulting, it could be business consulting. There’s a lot of different strategies and ways that you can refine that.

Wednesdays are always going to be, how do you grow an income? So, you’ve got this great specialty, you got this great audience, how do you monetize that? How do you actually make money so it’s not just a hobby?

Thursdays, I just kind of catch up with those people. I say, “Hey, you know, I want to go deeper about this from Tuesday” or “I had an extra question from Monday. Let’s talk a little bit more about this.” So, I just get to kind of go a little bit deeper with these people.

Every Friday, I’m going to be taking listener questions, and you can ask your questions using the Speak Pipe widget on We’d love to hear your questions there. I’ll be taking questions. Also, if there are things from the week that I want to just kind of talk about, I’ll just kind of talk about it.

Every single day, Monday through Friday, one of these podcasts is going go live, and it’s going to go live around 6 a.m. Eastern Standard time so that if you’re on a morning commute every morning, you can have this quick, 10-15 minutes of kind of learning of, discovering and just finding things that you can implement as a consultant. We’re really co-learning together. We’re doing this together. I’m interviewing people. I want to hear from you if there are consultants you know of and just want my personality and interviewing and these really cool people to just teach us together.

So, for more information, you can go to On there, you’re going to see all the upcoming consultants that I have either scheduled or already recorded with. You can also leave a question there for me. As well, you’ll see some of our sponsors and resources and any consulting blog posts. That’s all going to be centralized at

Thanks so much for letting me into your ears and into your brain today. Have a great rest of your day and please check out, our sponsor.

The very last thing that I would love for you to do is to go leave a review in iTunes. These first eight weeks, we really want to get into the new and noteworthy section of iTunes to just to be able to spread what we’re doing. So, that would so amazing, if you like this. Listen to a bunch of them and give an honest review, and I’ll be reading some of those on the air, as well.

Thanks so much. Have a great week.

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