Why Wait? Build As You Go! With Jamara Frazier and Tracey Johnson | GP 200

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Why wait to start something that you are constantly thinking about trying? How can you go from imagination to implementation? What should you look for in a great, well-sit business partner?

In this podcast episode, LaToya Smith speaks about LPC associates building and starting a practice with Jamara Frazier and Tracey Johnson.

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Meet Jamara Frazier and Tracey Johnson

A photo of Jamara Frazier and Tracey Johnson is captured. They are full-time Professional School Counselors and LPC Associates. They are featured on Grow a Group, a therapist podcast.

Jamara Frazier and Tracey Johnson are full-time Professional School Counselors and LPC Associates, under the supervision of Dr. Russ Bartee, Ph. D., LPC-S. Together, they have 20 years of school counseling experience as teachers and as school counselors with children ages 4-12 years. As an LPC-Associate, they want their clients to have a safe and supportive environment where they can talk, heal, and grow.

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In this Podcast

  • From conversation from implementation
  • Setting up the practice
  • Cash pay versus insurance
  • What to look for in a business partner

From conversation from implementation

Tracey was looking for higher-paying work. She was working in a practice where the hourly pay wasn’t going to increase all that much, and she knew that she needed a change.

Her husband supported and encouraged her to start her own business, which she pursued.

I texted Jamara and I was like, “Okay, so as soon as you pass your test this month … you want to go ahead and start [a practice]?” And she was like; “Yes!” So it was [fast], and I think God was in on us … Try it, do it, why not? (Tracey Johnson)

While Jamara was preparing for her test, she and Tracey were laying the foundation for the practice. So, once Jamara passed her test on May 31st, their business launched officially on June 1st.

Setting up the practice

Tracey paid for a video series on how to start a private practice to get everything in order correctly from the beginning.

Jamara was able to draw on some of her prior experience as well when they were figuring out the private practice, so they utilized knowledge from all sides to bring it together and make it work well.

I have some experience [because] I had a non-profit … So I’m aware of some of the processes like reaching out to the state to certify your name and get your tax ID … So that recording definitely helped in terms of us making sure we had all the things for our private practice [while] also having some background knowledge which did help as well. (Jamara Frazier)

Jamara and Tracey also worked to each other’s strengths so that each partner was able to do what they did best while sharing the work between them.

They documented their business plan and processes and kept track of the business by using systems that they updated regularly.

Cash pay versus insurance

In Texas, it is law that associates cannot be on insurance, so Jamara and Tracey’s private practice is cash-pay.

They can be under a supervisor for insurance, but since they are running their own practice, they cannot do that.

It is something we’ve discussed and we look forward to it once we’re fully licensed LPCs. (Jamara Fraizer)

What to look for in a business partner

If you are considering opening a private practice with a business partner, it’s obviously a good idea to work with someone with whom you can get along, and who may have skills different from yours that they can bring to the table.

For Jamara and Tracey, they recommend working with someone who:

  • You can communicate honestly and openly with
  • Wants to make decisions alongside you for the improvement of the business
  • Complements your areas of growth with their own strengths

The more that we can work together and solidify our business, the more reach that we get with our clients. (Jamara Fraizer)

  • Shares your vision, mission, and passions for the business to assist the community

You won’t know unless you try. You won’t know how great it could be, and just knowing that you could go out there and work for yourself or work with someone … It just feels great. It’s worth it. (Tracey Johnson)

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