Private Practice Consulting

Private Practice Consulting

PRIVATE PRACTICE CONSULTANTAs a consultant, I help people to reach ambitious results in counseling and consulting private practices. I absolutely love helping counselors and consultants to increase their income and their influence!

If you’re ready to grow your income and influence, you are in the right place!

Before we take up time discussing whether you’re ready for consulting, take a moment to walk through these questions. They will help align your expectations

Typical Results

Every week, I get to help private practice owners to reach their ambitious results. Of course results are not guaranteed, but I’ve seen huge growth in a short period of time with most of my consulting clients.

  • Raised Rates: Most private practice owners are able to raise their rates by 20-50%.
  • Increased Private Pay Clients: Most private practice owners are able to leave insurance panels and increase private pay clients.
  • Adding Clinicians: Most consulting clients are able to add new clinicians to their practice. As a result, owners are able to increase passive income and grow the income and influence of their private practice.
  • Additional Revenue Streams: The majority of consulting clients discover new passive income and active revenue streams such as creating products, e-books, and courses that build income for their practice.
  • Return on Investment: Through tracking our consulting clients, the average ROI is 6-8 weeks, meaning that private practice owners have made back their investment in consulting within that time.

Think About These Questions

  • How do you describe what you do?
  • What is it about counseling or consulting that makes your heart come alive?
  • What specifically do you want to achieve through consulting?

Answering these three questions help you to be the most informed client, seeking a consultant. Whether you go with me or someone else (there’s a lot of great consultants out there), the more clear that you are on your ambitious results, the quicker you will grow!

Are you ready for consulting?

I take 15-30 minutes to interview each potential consulting client. This is a time hear about your ambitious results and what ideas and projects make you come alive. By the end of the interview, I’ll give you options. If I think I can help you reach your ambitious results best, I’ll give you package options. Otherwise, I let you know other next steps. 

Take a moment to review these suggestions for you to consider before starting consulting.

Time Commitment

I have found that successful private practice owners see the strongest results when they commit to growing their practice for at least four months. I don’t want you to pay for consulting that does not pay you back for the time and money you spend. Also, it makes me look bad to have people say, “I did consulting with Joe, but it didn’t work.”

Financial Investment

At the end of the consulting interview, I’ll give you two ideas for your catered consulting package options. The minimum package is $495 per month and I try to lump as much into those packages to help you grow really quickly.

Homework Outside of Consulting

During each session, we work together to decide what action will give you the biggest return on your investment of time. We’ll determine your “one thing” and you’ll have a list of your next things to complete. Sometimes it is overwhelming when we have huge “to do” lists, that’s why we will focus on constant movement forward.

Unsure if you’re ready for consulting? Let’s still talk. If you think you’re not ready, you can still make forward progress! Begin with some of my starter products, like the Member’s Newsletter

Preparing for Your Consulting Interview

Here’s how we can get moving. Here are questions we discuss in your interview:

  • What is one thing within your business, that if improved would make everything else easier?
  • What about counseling or consulting makes your heart come alive?
  • What is the biggest pain in your counseling or consulting private practice?
  • How many clients do you see per week at what rate?
  • What is your desired annual income within one year? Five years?

That should get us started!

Why I am different

We went into counseling because we enjoy helping people, we like individual conversations, and we think something amazing happens when people talk, you know, actually talk. There are loads of private practice consultants out there that do an amazing job. I’m friends with many of them. Here is why I am different:

  • I focus on individual one-on-one consulting
  • You always have choice. From picking the best package that is right for you, to figuring out your best way of paying, you’re in control.
  • Even when I give you package ideas (which I customize to you) we can tweak and change them to match exactly what you want. If I can’t do something or someone else would better serve you, I’ll tell you that too.
  • I’ve done a ton in just a few years. I don’t have 20 years of consulting experience, but I’ve done a really good job expanding quickly in a short period of time, my Monthly Income Reports demonstrate that.

Here are some things that are often in the packages.

Private Practice Consulting Items

Most packages have some combination of these things:

  • SWOT Analysis: A SWOT Analysis is an industry standard that reviews strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats. This analysis will be a comprehensive assessment of the organization, website, SEO, and expected future outcomes.
  • Website Build, Assessment or Changes: In order to be a leader in your area, an optimized website is essential! This website integrates SEO techniques and blogging. A design will be recommended to utilize the plug-ins and widgets of WordPress and increase functionality and agility.
  • Private Practice Consulting: This can be daily, every other week, or monthly. Through the SWOT Analysis and website build I meet with you to discover goals and expected outcomes. Following the SWOT and website build, the determination of focus and expectations will be discussed to create a practice that best reflects the strengths of the current direction. I will connect you as needed with experts and coaches that assist with paneling, marketing, and growth as your budget allows. Procedures, homework, and marketing plans will be created  to create a focused plan to build client referrals.
  • Member’s Newsletter: This premier newsletter aimed at counselors in private practice walks any clinician through marketing, branding, and growing a private practice.
  • Paperwork Packet: A free add on included as part of this package is the Paperwork Packet. Digital copies of the intake, privacy policy, 1099 forms, and supervision forms utilized by Mental Wellness Counseling are provided in .doc form so that you may change them as you sees necessary.
  • Practice of the Practice | A start-up guide to launching a counseling private practice: My book is one of the most sought-after books on launching a private practice. An e-book version is a free add on included as part of this package.
  • Recorded Calls: You have the option of recording calls for you to review at a later date so you don’t have to take as many notes.
  • Project Management Software: We use project management software to organize your projects, tasks, and focus. Consulting clients complete tasks and reach ambitious results quicker due to this streamlined system.


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