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It’s amazing that people are willing to take the time to write me and say how they’ve been impacted by the website, services, or involvement in the community. Thank you to all of these great people! If you want to see more recommendations, check out my Linked In profile.


“Joe is inspiring to his colleagues and clients alike. He is visionary in his hopes and intentions for himself and for others. His positive energy and integrity are contagious.”  Monica Lieser, LMSW is a counselor in O’Fallon, MO. She helps clients to improve their marriage, intimacy, sex, and parenting.


“I highly recommend Joe Sanok’s Practice of the Practice for therapists thinking about starting a private practice or for those looking for new ways to enhance their practices. Recently, I read his blog article on Pinterest, and got new ideas about how to market my practice! Much appreciated!”  Heather Schwartz, Psy.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist in Oregon. She does psychotherapy with kind and expressive people seeking greater connection, inspiration, and empowerment in their lives. As well, she does coaching with mental health professionals, business coaching, and vision coaching


“Joseph is a compassionate and caring individual who is committed to improving the human condition. He works with individuals and groups to help each participant find his/her purpose. He is well-organized and has excellent communication skills. He sees opportunities to create entities that will help others to find a sense of belonging, purpose and direction in life. To demonstrate his productivity, notice how many different venues he is capable of developing: counseling services, newspaper columnist, program developer and author. He is a bellwether for future careerists who desire to make this world a better place.”  Charlene Lutes,  Bridge Experience Director, Northwestern Michigan College


 “I have known Joe since the time he came to Traverse City, MI. Joe is a skilled and competent therapist but perhaps his greatest strength is the innovation and creativity he brings to every project he is involved in. Joe adds his upbeat, solution focused perspective to everything he does. He is professional and knowledgeable and has served this community in several capacities, as a therapist, educator, board member and committee head for multiple organizations. He is a great asset to any organization he is a part of and to our Grand Traverse Community.” Jacquelyn Kaschel, Executive Director/ Advanced Certified EAGALA, PEACE Ranch, works doing equine therapy through horse rescue at Peace Ranch in Traverse City, MI.


“Joe is a highly skilled professional counselor and business person. His business approach is innovative, goal-oriented and practical. In my experience, Joe truly wants to help others and shares his expertise free or at a very reasonable cost. I would highly recommend Joe as a resource for anyone trying to grow their private practice.” Kim Fleming, MA, LLPC, owner and blogger at 


“Joseph is a person of integrity and high moral character who works very well in team environments. Whether leading a team or participating on a team, Joseph leads by example and encourages the viewpoints of others.” Kim Sandelin works to mobilize local churches to transform the lives of people in need in our community – equipping people to take positive steps forward through Love INC’s life skills courses and mentoring.


“Joe is an awesome presenter on mental health issues. He is engaging and aware of his audience. There is time for self-reflection and growth within his presentations.”  Kristy McDonald, Business Faculty, Northwestern Michigan College 


“Joe is a fantastic counselor and with excellent professional skills. Joe is constantly seeking new ways to increase his reach in the counseling field and he has the skills to help a variety of people. I have worked with Joe on different projects and he is great at getting things done.”  I don’t have permission yet from the person.


“Joe’s sound guidance on all matters related to developing and marketing a private practice have been immensely helpful in my own professional development, particularly with regards to using technology and social media to attract clients. But above all, it is Joe’s generosity of spirit and his kindness of heart that make connecting with him and learning from him so enjoyable.” I don’t have permission yet from the person.


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