Shannon Heers: From One Group Practice Boss to Another

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Image showing Shannon Heers as she talks about her successes in Group Practice Boss at Practice of the Practice.

We sat down with Shannon Heers, a regular contributor to Practice of the Practice and one of our Group Practice Boss Alumni, and more recently, an Audience Building Academy community member. Here’s what she had to say about her journey in Group Practice Boss and why it is the place for you if you’re thinking of fine-tuning the art of being a boss and finding that work-life balance. FYI: You can make it happen during our Level Up Week.

How Did You Get to Group Practice Boss?

I had been in solo practice for quite a while and decided I wanted to open a group practice because my caseload was full and I didn’t like turning away people. I was also still in touch with a lot of my therapist friends and really enjoyed working with people. I really loved working within a team. 

But…I had absolutely no idea how to open a group practice and start that process. I originally did some research on private practice business consulting and that’s when I found Practice of the Practice. I started working with one-on-one consulting and I found them incredibly helpful. But I realized that I wanted more community, so I think at that point I joined Group Practice Boss and became a part of that community. 

I learned so much from all the content that they have that Joe and the other consultants put out, as well as all the live trainings that they did.

What Really Worked For You In Group Practice Boss?

I would say all the information that’s being put out that I didn’t even know I needed. The live trainings done every week on different topics were incredibly beneficial. I could pick and choose what topics I wanted to cover, and I found it really helpful. If I couldn’t attend live, then I could listen to the recording afterwards. I really found a lot of value out of that because when I started a group practice it was more of I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

I didn’t know what questions to ask and I didn’t know a lot of things. So I felt there was just so much information out there at times – it was information overload.

I thought I was learning too much, and I had to scale back a little bit because you know you have to learn and then you have to implement, and I originally didn’t have time to do implementing because I was learning so much. I had to scale back from the learning and focus on what I was going to implement and put it into place in my practice.

What’s Next For You In Your Journey?

Well, I joined Audience Building Academy (ABA) last year with the idea to launch a separate clinical supervision and consultation program. And I did that and it’s now launched, so what I’m doing over the next year is really kind of fine-tuning that, really kind of honing in on what our vision is for that program. I’m also looking at:

  • How to market for that program?
  • How to get therapists into that program?  
  • How to make that successful? 

So at this point, I’m going to be starting some individual consulting with Joe to get that even further fine-tuned so so we can grow that program.

About GPB

If you’re inspired by Shannon’s journey and want to follow suit and level up, here’s more information on Group Practice Boss:

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Shannon Heers

Image of Shannon Heers in her sit-down article sharing stories from group practice boss at practice of the practice

Shannon Heers is an experienced therapist, clinical supervisor, and the founder of FirelightSupervision. Firelight Supervision provides clinical supervision and clinical consultation to counselors and social workers pursuing licensure, as well as post-licensure professional development. Shannon is also the owner of Catalyss Counseling, a group private practice located in Colorado. Shannon specializes in providing clinical supervision to beginner to advanced therapists, and is passionate about burnout prevention in the counseling field.