How Inner Child Healing will Help You Be a Better Business Owner with Mikah Miller | POP 922

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Are there things that seem to trip you up more than the next practice owner about running a practice? Do you sometimes feel old emotions coming to the surface in day-to-day business dealings? How does an unresolved abandonment wound create a people-pleasing CEO?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about how inner child healing will help you be a better business owner with Mikah Miller.

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Meet Mikah Miller

A photo of Mikah Miller is captured. She is the Founder and Director of With A Child's Heart Behavioral Health Center. Mikah is featured on Practice of the Practice, a therapist podcast.

Mikah is a triple Business Owner, a Heart and Mindset Strategist dedicated to empowering Therapreneurs, and a dynamic Transformational Speaker. With her background as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor (CPCS), she possesses a profound understanding of the underlying challenges that hinder therapists from realizing their full potential.

As the proud owner of North Georgia’s leading Child and Adolescent counseling center, With A Child’s Heart Behavioral Health Center, Mikah’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional care and support has earned her center the esteemed distinction of being recognized as Georgia’s Best in 2022.

Visit Mikah’s website, Revealing the Glow Within, and connect on Facebook and Instagram. FREEBIE: Download the Free Inner Child Healing Journal

In this Podcast

  • “Evaluate your why”
  • Do an emotional inventory
  • How an abandonment wound shows up in a CEO
  • Journal to get to know yourself
  • Mikah’s advice to private practitioners

“Evaluate your why”

One of the traps of entrepreneurship is to compare and to do what everyone else is doing If you guide your entrepreneurship progress by what you think you should be doing or do things because other people are doing them as well, then you can easily fall by the wayside and lose your connection to your success.

I think what people don’t realize is that you really have to focus on your WHY. If your “why” is simply; “Because I want to help people” … just focus on that. Just focus on your why because sometimes your motivation is where you can figure out where some of your wounds are. (Mikah Miller)

Evaluating and following your “why” is not only necessary for a successful business, but it can also guide you to parts of yourself that need some healing. What is the reason for wanting to do this work? You want to be famous, great. But why?

Your “why” needs to be evaluated [because] there’s some healing that needs to happen. (Mikah Miller)

Do an emotional inventory

Use your therapy skills on yourself. Look at your wounds, and see what resonates the most with you. Do you have a:

  • Neglect wound
  • Perfectionism wound
  • Trust wound
  • Abandonment wound
You’ll find that everyone really has something, you know … a lot of times you’ll find that a lot of the issues are either abandonment or perfectionism. People have perfectionist issues that can stem from [childhood issues]. (Mikah Miller)

For example, if you have an unhealed or unresolved abandonment wound, you might feel overwhelmed or easily triggered by staff leaving or deciding to work somewhere else. These wounds from childhood can dictate your adult responses if they are not addressed.

How an abandonment wound shows up in a CEO

Those are our bestie bosses, those are the people pleasers. Those are the ones that do everything to make sure that everybody is good at the detriment of themselves. Those are the ones that pay everybody [but] haven’t gotten a payment in months. Those are the ones that are afraid to write someone up because [they] are afraid of the backlash. (Mikah Miller)

CEOs and business owners with unresolved or unaddressed abandonment wounds become martyrs within their companies. They are so afraid of being put last by others that they put themselves last by trying to keep everyone happy and close to them.

You need to be proactive in addressing these old hurts within yourself, because if you don’t, you risk the success of your business and being a manager for your staff that is reasonable and at peace, which is what your team deserves.

Journal to get to know yourself

Journaling is a great tip for getting to know who you are, how you feel, and what bothers you.

Setting aside a few minutes every day to just connect with your mind and heart is a life-changing and powerful tool that you can use to get to the root cause of your struggles, even the ones that you are unsure of, and to learn about who you are.

Mikah’s advice to private practitioners

Commit to nurturing your inner child. Love them, tell them not to worry, and step up to be in charge so that they can relax and trust you to handle things.

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Meet Joe Sanok

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