Monthly Round Up Of Posts: August 2017

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August Monthly Round Up Of Posts

Below are the top stories, podcasts, and other blog posts from the month of August 2017. From how to create a marketing plan and improve the customer journey through your website, to reasons why you need to slow down and an inspirational video on our deepest fear, this month is jam-packed with great content. Missed some of this month’s podcasts? Take a listen below and review July’s income report.

Top Stories

How to create a marketing plan

How To Create a Marketing Plan

Many private practice owners contact us about consulting because they need help with marketing. When I started out in private practice, I had no idea how to market! I’ve learned a lot in the past few years about what kind of marketing works for me and my practice.

Making a marketing plan means choosing what types of marketing activities you want to do, but also setting deadlines and putting reminders in your calendar about when you need to do those activities.

An Authoritative Guide To Improving The Customer Journey Through Your Website

In today’s day and age, practically every business is accompanied by a website. Not only do customers expect this, but businesses have recognized websites as a viable channel to inform customers about their product / service and, hopefully, get them to convert, or at least enter the sales funnel. Many times, a company’s website is the first channel used by customers to judge the business.

How To Get Your Practice Online

When it comes to taking your practice online, your plan should be determined by the desired outcomes you wish to achieve.


PoP 234 | Starting a Practice With Ciji Gamble

Ciji Gamble speaks about her experience of starting a private practice. What she did beforehand to prepare and the process she went through once she started. She shares some valuable tips on how to negotiate rent, budgeting, and more. We’ve also included some resourceful links below to help you get started on the right foot!

PoP 235 | Insurance Billing With Kathryn And Jeremy Zug

In this podcast, I chat to Kathryn and Jeremy Zug about their journey to starting Practice Solutions, a private practice billing company. They share the story of how they met along with how they developed their company and what makes it different to other billers. Furthermore, gain invaluable tips and advice about to look for when partnering with a billing company!

PoP 236 | Brian Kang Has Some Questions

In this podcast, I share my story of starting a private practice. This includes mistakes I’ve made and learnt from, some struggles I’ve lived through, and some business tips I’ve discovered. This is a reverse podcast with Brian Kang where we discuss all that is involved in starting and growing a private practice.


PoP 237 | Perry Rosenbloom Wants to Know How to Go Private Pay

I chat to Perry Rosenbloom, from Brighter Vision, about going private pay in private practice. This includes my experience with insurance panels and my decision to go private pay. I also speak about how to chat to clients about this as well as how to market your private pay private practice.

Jennifer Taylor on How to Host an Online Summit with Play Therapists | PoP 238

Jennifer Taylor opens up about her story of starting and growing her private practice, which specializes in play therapy. She also goes into detail on one of her recent ideas, hosting an online summit with play therapists. Jennifer speaks around her challenges and successes in running a play therapy private practice, as well as what the niche of play therapy involves.

Why You Should Write an E-Book | PoP 240

An e-book is a book that is online / digital. You will find it on Amazon / other e-reader sites. It can also be a PDF document that you provide clients or use as an opt in mechanism on your website.


Before You Go…

  • Start Your Practice By Knowing Your Strengths

    Starting your own practice is scary and difficult. But, you have the mental tools and perseverance to create a thriving business.

  • Starting a Private Practice In a New State

    The personal to-do list of moving to a new state can be overwhelming. Add on to that the tasks of starting a new therapy business and you might just lose your mind! But, it can be done!

  • 4 Misconceptions People Have When Going To a Therapist

    The following are the most common myths that people believe about therapy, and some ways that practitioners can convince potential clients that therapy is worth the effort.

  • One Therapist’s Journey Through The Insurance Jungle

    I quickly learned that all insurance companies have a different process to go through to join their panel. Then, there is the terminology in the credentialing packets, which you need a different college degree to be able to fully understand.

  • Key Advice From 12 Successful Entrepreneurs

    I decided to collate quotes from some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world offering advice regarding their experience as business entrepreneurs.

  • Top 5 Reasons To Create An Online Therapy Practice

    As the creator of the Online Counseling Directory – a listing service for therapists who are practicing Tele-Mental Health – I frequently get asked one question by other psychotherapists. “Why should I add online therapy to my practice?”

  • Finding The ‘One Thing’ That Leads To Private Practice Success

    For many of us in private practice, having a month where you have more clients than you can take, and another where you hear only crickets, is par for the course. But, finding what works for you, in your town, in your niche, for you as a person, will probably take some trial and error.

  • My Experience(s) With Burnout

    The first things conjured when the term “burnout” gets mentioned — especially as a social worker (or teacher, I’ve heard) — is “overworked,” and “underpaid”.

  • Why Customer Service Is Important In Private Practice

    Customer service, in the traditional sense, can be defined as assistance or advice given by a business to those people that buy their products or services.

  • Why You Have To Slow Down

    Last week I hosted a conference for therapists called Slow Down School. The goal was to slow down and have clarity for their businesses. We turned off our phones, hung out on the water and went wine tasting

  • Ready To Be Inspired? Watch This!

    We’ve all experienced fear on some level. While some experience a fear of death, others experience a fear of social situations, or public speaking. Yet, probably the most renowned and common fear is that of failure.

  • Is There Money In Private Practice? July 2017 Monthly Income Report

    Is there money in private practice? If done correctly, I would say, “YES!” But, most people don’t focus on what they need to do at each stage.