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Do you work with new moms in your private practice? What are the things that you should be doing – and should be avoiding? Are you looking for a new, great referral resource?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about how motherhood isn’t all “snuggles and rainbows”, and how Dr. Andrea Niles helps new moms through it.

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Meet Dr. Andrea Niles

A photo of Dr. Andrea Niles is captured. She is a clinical psychologist and founder of Prospera Mental Health and Wellness. Dr. Andrea is featured on the Practice of the Practice, a therapist podcast.

Dr. Andrea Niles is a clinical psychologist and founder of Prospera Mental Health and Wellness. She has studied anxiety and depression treatments and maternal mental health for 17 years and is passionate about making high-quality mental health care widely accessible and affordable to everyone. Prospera is a mental health platform designed specifically for moms. Prospera provides weekly 1-on-1 sessions with perinatal certified mental health coaches and a library of digital tools specifically designed to support moms’ mental health.

Visit Prospera and connect on Instagram. Connect with Dr. Andrea Niles on Instagram and LinkedIn.

In this Podcast

  • What Dr. Niles would love clinicians to know about helping moms
  • The client experience at Prospera
  • Dr. Niles’ recommendations for new practice owners
  • Dr. Niles’ advice to private practitioners

What Dr. Niles would love clinicians to know about helping moms

The main topic that people know when it comes to what could be negatively impacting new moms is postpartum depression. However, that’s not the only one that could come up.

There are things like postpartum anxiety, which is actually more common than postpartum depression. New moms can also experience intrusive thoughts, recovery from traumatic birth experiences, or even postpartum rage.

I think it’s important for clinicians, when you’re working with a mom, to know that there are very specific things that are unique to motherhood, so it’s important to make sure that you have that training and expertise to be able to support [those] moms because I think you could sometimes go in the wrong direction with [treating] some of those things. (Dr. Niles)

If you are working with new mothers, Dr. Niles recommends that you should get trained through Postpartum Support International, an organization that offers loads of training and certifications.

If that’s something a clinician is interested in and they want to support moms, then I would definitely recommend getting that certification just to make sure you have that baseline understanding, especially if you haven’t been through that yourself. (Dr. Niles)

The client experience at Prospera

The goal at Prospera for the client experience is to make it as easy as possible since they know that their ideal client – a new mother who is feeling overwhelmed – already has a lot on their plate.

Prospera makes use of a calendar booking system on its website so that clients can easily see which slots are available and book when they want to go.

They also offer clients a two-week free trial with a coach who is available for them the next day.

Dr. Niles’ recommendations for new practice owners

The biggest piece of advice that Dr. Niles recommends for new practice owners, or clinicians looking to build up a service for their clients, is to really get to know the clients within your niche.

Talk to them, see how they explain their problems and what they are looking for, and then use that language in your marketing efforts, websites, social media, and other touchpoints so that your ideal clients will really know that you listen to and hear them.

That has helped me immensely in writing content for the website and figuring out what kinds of free information we want to provide to the moms, and how we think about the services that we provide, so I would say that understanding your target audience is really critical. (Dr. Niles)

Dr. Niles’ advice to private practitioners

It can be tough to figure out your caseload in the beginning, so if you are in this phase of practice, just know that this is a universal experience!

It will take time and effort, it is normal for it to be difficult, so keep going because success is just on the horizon.

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Meet Joe Sanok

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