New Year, New Habits: Kristina Orlova on OCD, launching a podcast, and courses | POP 944

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Where do you work within your element? What truly lights you up? Are you playing the long game in your passions and your business?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Kristina Orlova on OCD, launching a podcast, and creating courses.

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Meet Kristina Orlova

A photo of Kristina Orlova is captured. She is the founder of KOR Results Family Therapy private practice specializing in OCD and anxiety disorders. Kristina is featured on the Practice of the Practice, a therapist podcast.

Kristina Orlova is the founder of KOR Results Family Therapy private practice specializing in OCD and anxiety disorders. KOR Results uses evidence-based therapies to empower individuals to break free from OCD. Kristina is the host of OCD Whisper Podcast and has created the Online OCD Academy with self-directed on-demand courses for OCD.

Visit KOR Results, the OCD Academy, and connect on Instagram and LinkedIn.

In this Podcast

  • Figuring out the niche
  • Noticing OCD in clients
  • Starting and growing a podcast
  • Play the long game
  • Kristina’s advice to private practitioners

Figuring out the niche

Kristina landed on her niche of helping people with OCD because she struggles with OCD herself, and when she started working with a therapist and seeing that it is possible to treat and recover from it, she was inspired to help others do the same.

Helping people manage and recover from OCD became a personal calling for Kristina.

OCD is a debilitating anxiety disorder. Nobody with OCD will say, “Oh yeah, I like to do this stuff.” (Kristina Orlova)

Noticing OCD in clients

If you have clients that you suspect may have OCD, consider looking for some common symptoms like:

  • Repetitive thoughts or repetitive processes and you notice that the client keeps going back to the same habits, scenarios, or people

Somebody with OCD can do mental rituals or they can engage in rituals with a therapist where … It seems like they’re going over the same territory in different ways and they’re not really moving forward. (Kristina Orlova)

  • Obsessive thoughts pop into their minds and compel them to do something

It’s not about general worrying or nervousness. It is something stronger and deeper that is more intense and not necessarily tied to reality. The fears from these things are catastrophic, and they obsess over them, without seeming to move on from them.

Rationality is not going to work in these cases and can be counterproductive to treating OCD.

Starting and growing a podcast

1 – Manage your expectations. Don’t go into a new project expecting that it’s going to turn your career around. Take it one step at a time and allow it to develop while keeping your expectations of its success aligned with its progress.

2 – Create a publishing schedule that suits you: structure a sustainable routine that allows you to properly record, edit, and publish your episodes. Offer yourself flexibility if and when life happens.

Being mindful in that way and bringing myself back to that inner mantra of; “Keep going, just one step at a time”, got me through pockets where things were difficult, I felt insecure or uncertain, or there was a period of time where I didn’t have guests lined up … That mindset of; “Just keep going, one foot in front of the other,” … is what got me through those [tough] pockets of time. (Kristina Orlova)

3 – Be consistent: even though your publishing schedule may change, maintain consistency through your identity on social media and your brand, and allow that to carry over into your podcast.

Play the long game

Many people nowadays are still chasing the quick-fixes and a handful of tips to make lots of money in no time. These are like diets for business; they may work, but not for long, and are designed to get you hooked into buying into that industry.

Play the long game instead. Know that this will take time, whatever it is; your podcast, practice, book, or course. Understand that you are making an investment and put your effort and energy into it, authentically and consistently.

If you have something solid that you really want, again, planning it out and remembering that you’re in this for the long-term [is going to help]. (Kristina Orlova)

What lights you up? What’s your element? Can you continue harnessing it, developing and strengthening it, so that it will one day support you?

Kristina’s advice to private practitioners

If you have a dream or something you want to work towards, go for it! Find mentors around you who are already doing what you want so that you can consult with them to fast-track your process.

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