Personal Branding for Therapists with Maegan Megginson | POP 880

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Personal Branding for Therapists with Maegan Megginson | POP 880

Is it possible to scale a personal brand? Do you want to separate and develop your personal brand apart from your private practice? How can you create a personal brand that reflects who you are to your audience and that is also completely true to yourself?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Maegan Megginson about personal branding for therapists.

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Meet Maegan Megginson

Maegan Megginson is a licensed therapist, 7-figure entrepreneur, and business coach for therapists ready to take their careers to the next level. She’s also the founder of The Rest & Success Code, the charity fundraising event that inspires therapists to become deeply rested and wildly successful.

Visit Maegan Megginson’s website, The Rest and Success Code Masterclass, and the Next Level Therapist Program. Connect on Instagram.

FREEBIE: Get access to Maegan’s “Personality Power Pack” which helps with injecting your unique personality into your business using 5 creative practices.

In This Podcast

  • A quick definition of personal branding
  • How to scale a personal brand
  • Start with what you have
  • How to identify your personal brand
  • Blind spots to try to be aware of
  • Maegan’s advice to private practitioners

A quick definition of personal branding

The way I think about personal branding is [that] a personal brand is a business that’s based on you. Your personality, your values, and most importantly, your subject matter expertise or your specialty area.

Maegan Megginson

People like Brené Brown and Esther Perel are great examples of successful personal brands.

They are people that have built their businesses around their unique skillsets, approaches to life and work, and personalities.

How to scale a personal brand

The first thing to get clear on: in which direction do you want to go professionally?

I do think that if you want to go the group practice route, this is perfect for entrepreneurs who love management, mentorship, [and] making an impact in their communities, and love being behind the scenes for the most part.

Maegan Megginson

It’s helpful to already have a business or a group practice that can stand on its own so that people don’t associate you directly with the business, which makes it easier to move clients between the two without confusion.

However, if you don’t want to be responsible for a full team of employees and you don’t want to be behind the scenes and be the face of your brand, then personal branding is 100% the way to go because you are fully representing yourself.

Start with what you have

How can I take what I already have and bring more of my authentic self, my authentic personality into the work that I’m already doing? So, we start with the private practices that we already have and you can begin to experiment with some out-of-the-box offerings that you can ethically sell and provide within the parameters of your private practice.

Maegan Megginson

Start with what you have, and see where the next small step could be. What can you develop a little more into an offering to try and sell your audience?

Or better yet, what have you noticed that your audience needs that you could provide them with?

Then, experiment with the results, and see if you get the entrepreneurship itch to keep going!

One day, you can step into a second business where you are coaching, consulting, or even educating, which allows you to expand on a more national level.  

How to identify your personal brand

1 – Come back to yourself: all therapists are taught to focus solely and wholly on the clients and their needs, but when you want to build a personal brand, you have to be the subject of your sentence again.

You have to know what you stand for, who you can help, and why you are equipped.

2 – Who are the people that you want to serve: get specific! Who are they?

3 – What do they need: once you know who you are working with, you can dig into what it is that they need, and what you can do to help them.

At that point, we have all of these ingredients that we can weave together to create a compelling message that we can share via blog posts, podcast interviews, email marketing … as you become visible, more people [can] hear the message that [you] are here to share.

Maegan Megginson

Blind spots to try to be aware of

  • Jumping too far ahead before you are ready
  • Not taking the time to get clear on your values and lay your foundations before you start
  • Not testing your audience first before investing in and creating a product
  • Don’t try to perfect things. Learn to learn from failure and try anyway instead of never getting anything off of the ground.

Maegan’s advice to private practitioners

You deserve to be deeply rested and wildly successful. You don’t have to sacrifice your rest to be successful or your ambition to rest, because it is possible to achieve holistic and sustainable success.

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Meet Joe Sanok

A photo of Joe Sanok is displayed. Joe, private practice consultant, offers helpful advice for group practice owners to grow their private practice. His therapist podcast, Practice of the Practice, offers this advice.

Joe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.

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