PoP 138 | Blogging Day 3

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In today’s podcast, I discuss everything you need to know about getting started blogging. We cover:

  • Your next steps to get blogs written
  • The schedule of blogging
  • Why a community will help you stay on track

Mentioned in the Podcast

This is a community of people that will be blogging together. I’ll be doing daily webinars to teach you what and how to blog, stay focused, and create blogs that will lead to more clients!

Blog Sprint



Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.



Podcast Transcription

Pop 138 | Blogging Day 3

[0:00] Music.

[0:28] I’m joe like your post.
Here i am live at the practice of the practice world headquarters in the lustrous radio center to building in downtown traverse city.
So glad you joining us is day three of this awesome little blocking spent we’re doing here.
And i’m day one of the dough into you focus that for a fact blogs you need frequency optimization content useful action and story so you miss that,
go back check we also covered keywords q were tools how to do internal external linking.
Also yesterday we don’t move into if you’re paralyzed by perfection if you are stuck if you have writer’s block how to get to that honey creek content quickly so you not spinning just a ton of time creating content and then today.
We are gonna talk all about the visual side of blocking this is often overlooked people often get all the words out there and then they move on but blogs that have,
video and pretty images,
they tend to rank higher in google a tendency to draw more people and people think that your express written dive into all that today,
but if you have not joined the free five day blogging course that i put together you have to it’s so awesome and getting such great feedback from people head over to practiceofthepractice.com/5dayblog this number five day blog five day blog the blog.

[1:57] The ball this is really weird practice of the packs that come for such five day blog all can spelled out,
and jump onto that course it’s awesome people are really liking it and getting some really cool feedback and people are printing some really cool content,
city game visual on it just start with the fact that.
When we look at things that are beautiful things that are amazing something happens inside of us.
I remember in two thousand and one my dad was turning fifty.
My brother he just graduated high school and then i was no wasn’t two thousand miles two thousand.
So summer two thousand my brother just graduated high school my dad was turning fifty and then that december is gonna be graduating from my undergraduate college.
And so we went to ireland for like two weeks and it was amazing my dad turned fifty and this little pub in cove.

[3:00] And there’s this moment when we’re up at the cliffs of mohr which is kinda west of galway around okay galway and they can’t west northwest of ireland and it was this foggy day.
But it was that i can your father you can ceo will a ways out but it just starts to kinda like get painted away.
An eclipse of marthe is just incredible clips that the atlantic ocean just like nails against this rock increases amazing.

[3:29] Beautiful place and i remember my brother and i even though with the rock was really white like we crawled there’s no like lines or like fence is there anything you could you could just walk to the edge.
So we can a crawled to the edge computer on but there’s some severe wind going on in your can a white the non slip in so we can crawl that we looked over the edge and i remember looking down.

[3:56] Sorry peeps my breakfast just was like floating around my mouth is disgusting cash sorry about that um so we’re laying over the edge.
Looking down at his cliffs and the ocean just like kneeling these clips and like every where you look at these amazing places.
When you see things that are spectacular.

[4:18] You’ve been there you’ve been on vacation or you’ve been hiking or you seen your son or daughter be born or you’ve you seen amazing things that just inside of you.

[4:30] They just create like you have to take a deep breath are bodies that were meant.
To observe this amazing beautiful world we live in.

[4:41] So when we create great design when we create an amazing blog post looks good or we create an image that supports the expertise were demonstrating.

[4:53] Create some people that same sensor least that’s the hope i mean as we are growing are skills may be working and not be so great beginning that’s okay.
But over time we want to create the anticipation we want to create that.
Excitement for the world but hopefully this for the world and especially if your counselor private practice are a small business owner.
You def want people to feel that about your business we think about macintosh and how beautiful apple has made so much of what it does because it wants to represent that will you do with those machines.
Is fascinating kicking change the world.
In the same way the blog posts that were doing we genuinely want to change people’s lives through the block posted constant all these different things.
So the visual is extremely important.
But most of us didn’t go to art school most of us haven’t had formal art training we don’t know about the research of how people view beauty interview and observe things,
so tell you a couple quick concepts one is reading in and out of.
The letter f and the other is the rule of thirds so reading in and out of.
People have substantially changed how they read on-line and how they view online compared to in the past we get so much information sent at our brains that we don’t know what we should pay attention to what we shouldn’t.
Like our brains haven’t evolved enough to really be able to absorb the amount of information we’re taking.
To think about the next time observe the next time that you click an article that maybe a friend shared on.

[6:26] Typically what you do is you quickly scroll through really quickly on the pie with the headings and pay the down the left side and then once in a while you can cut the middle based on.
Maybe a ballpoint or one of the headers and you scan to quickly decide am i in the right place and am i gonna get something out of this.
So nice go back to the top is it okay yeah yeah the supplies to me this looks like it’s worth the five minutes of my time even though there are thousands of other articles that could be reaction millions of other articles he billions trillions.

[7:00] The same is true how people view images and info graphics see images are have a blog post images that you’re gonna create for your blog post that promoted on facebook twitter wherever you wanna promote it.
An info graphic is going to be taking the information from your blog post and making a visually appealing and so we’ve been using the example of.
Of anxiety symptoms of a blog post so if you can make an infographic about that you might going to canva and you would label it.
Nine symptoms of anxiety.

[7:36] Maybe one is that you have a hard time focusing and you talk a little bit about that so maybe you have an image of and i.
And can you have here’s your main point and then just a few sentences about it and then you have something else on that’s one of your main symptoms of anxiety.
Set them visually appealing way of giving the bullet points of your blog post.
So what you can be doing is visual things the more it can help.
And so the rule of after is that most people starting upper left of a document or an image they will read straight down.
I am so i will be straight across cuz were used to reading left right and then they will go back and re straight down and then the cut over in the middle.
So if you can create things that have different pieces of content in those sections it’s easier to engage people.
Now the second thing the article is the rule of thirds and you may have heard of this if you took a r one l one class but most great works of art will follow the rule of thirds so if you think of a painting and the if your to draw tic tack toe board on it.
Typically you’ll see that the major components of the major structure of that piece of art will be there so if you take a picture of say west bay here in traverse city so that this beautiful blue bay and maybe there’s a beautiful sky.
To have a better picture you’re gonna want the baby to be in the lower third of the picture in the sky takes up two thirds or you’re gonna want the baby take up two thirds and the sky will take up one third i can have babies cut straight across the middle.

[9:11] I doesn’t like to see that typically so the more that you can add things add text to wear those lines are being a tick tack toe board if you have some set image that we take up maybe the on the left.
Third or two thirds so that you have a third on the top and three on the side that you would put major lines or tax on those spots for those lines would be.
So people read in and out of and we want to think about the rule of thirds.
I have a walk through video how to use canva.com to create blog post images output than the shoulders or a practiceofthepractice.com/138 so that you can see that,
i’m up also get that deliver to you if you sign up for the five day blogging course so it’s extra resources for you.
Think about the visual think about all of this i want to also tell you about something i’m super excited about.
So we’ve been doing this five day free blogging course and been doing is blocking podcast for the last three days and in june in june twentieth i’m gonna be launching this thing in calling blog sprint.
It’s gonna be awesome.
So here’s the idea that you this terms of use can i go through things on but there’s other times you just spring that and you don’t wanna be doing a marathon,
all the time we are just like run you and i can have times maybe pushed a little harder and other times that you relax a little bit and refresh.
So this is the idea that your june oftentimes people and other kids are out of school me can i drop off on therapy so you’re gonna have maybe a little extra time.

[10:45] And the idea is that were gonna work together in a community of people to get ten blog posts written in two weeks ten blog posts in two weeks.
And what i’m gonna be doing is i’m gonna do five weapon are so here’s how it’s gonna be so on the twentieth so that monday tuesday wednesday thursday.
I’m gonna do you a forty five minute teaching,
specific topics will be talking more advanced around blogging will more advanced and how to come up with ideas and just going deeper,
that’ll do forty five minutes then you gonna have a half hour activity where you log off of the weather you go work on the activity and then you come,
facts for half an hour we’ll just do a q and a you’ll have to come back if you don’t have any questions but if you have questions i’ll be around for that half hour.
Delhi posting those videos into a private facebook group,
so that way if you have to miss it if you have clients if you’re on vacation for a couple of those days you can go to the sprint with us during that time so than those videos will be in there for,
the two weeks after the two week span so that if for some reason that two weeks you don’t spring get all ten done you at least have the information to work through the ideas that we together as a community,
can learn give hacks that are working inspire each other,
take and some just can a different ways that we can grow as a community at with the idea that we can get ten blog post in two weeks if we really focus in on it,
super excited about it head on over to practiceofthepractice.com/blogsprint.
So the only ninety seven bucks to join and its gonna be like ten hours of hanging out with me of getting really intense business coaching i’m blocking it can be awesome.

[12:24] So again helper over packs of the practice account for slash blog sprint and would love to see you in that community.
And thank you so much for letting me into yours and into your brain you guys rock you inspire me and keep it up talk to you soon.

[12:42] Special thanks in advance ounces sexy and the spark is was designed right back in thirty to information in regard to this subject matter covered,
is gone with the understanding that near the host the publisher of gas surrounding legal county clinic or other professional information here professional is fine when.