PoP 230 | 17.76 Ideas To Grow Independence In Private Practice

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How To Build Independence In Counselors At Your Practice

In this episode, Joe talks about ideas to grow independence in private practice.

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Happy 4th of July! Today we take at a look at what it means to be ‘independent’ as well as how to encourage independence among your counselors and within yourself! We’ve included 17.76 tips to help you achieve autonomy in your practice and in your own life.

Definition Of Independence

Independence means freedom from control / influence.

‘In’: By weight (origins of British Pound)

‘Dependeré’: To hang from

Interchanged with ‘self-dom’ / ‘privilege’ / ‘self-law’.

How To Build Independence In Counselors At Your Practice

  1. Ensure you give 1099s a significant amount of independence, i.e.: with scheduling / dress, etc.
  2. Consider allowing them to make the choices regarding the furniture of their office.
  3. Let them share what works in meetings.
  4. Run a competition, i.e.: give each clinician $50 to get more referrals for the practice. Have prize for winner.
  5. Ask their opinions through a survey.
  6. Manage your own office schedules.
  7. Encourage them to network.
  8. Build skills by taking them with you, i.e.: to radio interviews, etc.
  9. Recommend that they do peer-to-peer / case consultation.

How To Build Independence In Yourself

  1. Have clear boundaries on your schedule, i.e.: balance between work and family / personal life.
  2. Leave boring meetings.
  3. Stop working in the evenings.
  4. Get financially fit.
  5. Get off of bad insurances.
  6. Work virtually / from home every now and then.
  7. Take an extra day off.
  8. Schedule time to dream.
  9. Plan something big and stretch yourself!

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Podcast Transcription

Pop 230 | 17.76 Ideas To Grow Independence In Private Practice

[0:00] Throughout july august and september i am going to be doing a ton of weapon is right now i have five weather scheduled in just july alone.
I met people like jane carter allison puryear the cupla brothers from chlamydia and i also have roy huggins from person center tack.
As well will you talking to practice solutions and alison pidgeon all of buying insurance to practice,
you can sign up for every single one of these free webinar is over at practiceofthepractice.com/practiceessentials,
this is for people that are making less than a hundred thousand dollars a year that need those practice essentials to start and grow your practice again that’s practiceofthepractice.com/practiceessentials.

[0:44] Music.

[0:51] This is the practice of the practice podcast with joe sanok session number two hundred thirty.

[0:57] Music.

[1:08] Podcast where we are learning together start row and scale.

[1:14] That’s me doing so many things together around building your influence your income and your impact on the world.
I’m just saying i’m your host and i am so glad that you are here and live here in the radio center to building and happy fourth of july.
Those were the in studio fireworks hopefully nothing cut on fire with those but pretty awesome.
Well today we’re talking all about seventeen point seven six ideas about growing independence in your private practice.
And before we got into you these ideas i wanted to talk a little bit about that word independence because i think,
yeah we hear it now and its like you are free from the british and you know thank goodness we’re not under the king’s rule.
But we look at just like the definition of it means freedom from control and influence.
And i would actually push back and is not being influenced because when you look around were influenced by a whole world for influenced by the people that we invite in,
i’m so i like to look back me because of the history of that word and actually comes from a mixture of in which in the latin meant by weight and is actually where the origins of the english pound come from.
And then depending on their way to pay there is a latin which means to hang from.
And so has this idea of weight and actually in the old english words that were associated with this was the word self dumb coming from loss of self law.

[2:54] And it also was interchange with the word privilege and so to think about independence as being itself law.
That somehow through the law and the boundaries and the rules that we set for ourselves take gives us freedom gives us independence and that there’s a certain way to that word within a.
Has the idea that we’ve been weighted down by something but where were moving away from that we but there’s a certain law a certain guidance because we.
And so today i’m gonna share with you ways that you can build in the counselors that you have in your team,
how you can build more independence in them and they’re also gonna talk about how to build some independence in yourself and these ideas to continue to grow your practice.
Let’s start with others let’s start with how do you build independence in other,
counselors there at your practice so if there ten ninety nines right away you need to be give them quite a bit of independence in the name of a tenant in isn’t independent contractor.
And so you’re gonna want to make sure that you view them in the same way that maybe you would views on this morning your lawn that you’re not gonna tell them how to dress so you’re gonna make sure that they have freedom with their scheduling with address.
Another way to build independence is to allow them to buy the furniture for their office i was talking with a consulting client recently who is upgrading to a new office.

[4:24] And she was like should i put all my money into furnishing this new for five office suite or should i put into a virtual assistant.
And i explained to her how the person that’s full time in the office is the one that gets to furnish it in the way that they want the to hang are on the wall that to buy the couch and put the desk in.
And the clinician is responsible for that and then they have autonomy independence and investment,
in their office in keeping it up and have quality second to buy all the furniture there how do you build independence and others.
In meetings let them share what works and so when we do our meetings initially it was almost every month we do them but we didn’t have a whole lot to talk about things are kinda clicking along really well we probably know me about once a quarter.
And i will frequently have one or two of them share what it is that they have done to build their side of the practice.
And so might be i met with a bunch of attorneys when i was slow in the next month to get a bunch of attorney referrals this does number of things,
it helps them get a guide to each other it helps them be the professional that isn’t just not joe not telling you what to do.
But it’s us together doing something and that feeling of autonomy and independence is fostered when you put a spotlight on when people are independent and when people were autonomously went out and developed their side of the practice so.
Please follow the entry work people do in your staff meetings next to another idea of how to build independence is to run a competition,
and so maybe give it commission fifty dollars that the need to use specifically to try to get more referrals for them in the practice and have them.

[6:03] Then maybe have to report on the details the results and see who wins that may be of some sort of prize for the winner and there be a fun way to allow them to use their own thoughts their own development their own style,
to have more independence of the practice alright number five is ask their opinions through a survey.

[6:26] So probably haven’t done it every single your pay every other year i do a survey of how are things going and i’m from that survey we got some ideas through the years one idea.
Was that we should have more quality beverages in our front lobby.
And hear how people are doing here how people are thinking sometimes doing it anonymously can be really helpful specially as a practice starts to grow.
So that you can stay connected to those people that are working in a practice right next.
Manage your own office schedules so here we have four office suite.
And we have one person who can overseas everybody’s schedules to make sure they’re full make sure that she knows when there are openings if nt comes and but in each office each person or people in the office.
Co manage their schedules i don’t oversee that schedules.
That’s control so i one point we had three ladies that were working out of one officer all part time and they just manage their own schedule together i didn’t get involved i didn’t money the waters they got to manage their own schedule.
That allows me to focus on the practice and last time just hurt every day logistics of practice next.
Encouraged them to network helping them understand the power of networking helping them feel success in that a recently one of my commission start going to be and i groups of business networking international in most towns there’s b and i several bi groups.

[7:58] That meat used once a week from like seven am to eight thirty and there’s twenty or so different professionals and there’s no one from the same field and they want to try to cross refer to each other.
And he’s not always been big and not working and as he went to this group he’s really connection are got hundred new referrals,
and so he feels like a stronger professional i would imagine because he’s a he’s doing this and so the more the you can teach and encourage your staff for your clinicians,
and how to network how to get out there that’s gonna build their sense of autonomy and independence when the master that skill.

[8:37] Alright now and one two three four five six seven number of beats.
Build skills by taking them with you so.
I’m on the radio every other week and whenever avenue clinician join the practice i bring them with me to the radio station we talk with their area of specialty on the radio with the host.
And then usually they do well enough that they can go on their own save they’ve seen how i prepare they’ve seen how i speak on the radio and then they’re able to do it on their own so this builds some independence inside of them.
To be able to do this marketing on their own as well and next in regards to building independence and others i would recommend.
The you recommend that they do peered up your consultation that they do case consultation that they support each other that when their stock they brainstorm with each other they tease each other for lunch so that.
That dynamic between clinicians is strong and not just based on you that they have independence to be able to.
Grow their side of the practice and they feel they’re gonna be effective in doing that.
We all want to feel like we can have a sense of self control a sense of self dumb or self law nor the can build the into the clinicians in your practice the more successful your practice is going to be.
Now let’s look at what you can do to build independence in yourself.
So the first thing there is to have clear boundaries on your schedule and it’s interesting as you think about boundaries that doesn’t feel like independence but what does is it allows you than to say work is done.

[10:15] And family time play time relaxation time is starting.
There’s always things that we can be doing for our practice and if we don’t have an endpoint or a boundary it says enough is enough.
You’re gonna keep thinking about practice are gonna keep having those ideas are gonna keep mind actor and that’s fine in one sense because it’s exciting but we do need to have a boundary for your time.
So that you have some independence outside of work cuz.
If you feel like your practice is running us of you running your practice that is not sustainable honestly really frustrating in overtime remember now.

[10:51] Next leave boring meetings so i was in a meeting and won’t say what it was cuz i think maybe some of the listeners might benefit meeting.
But i was in a meeting and there is a panel of people.
They were speaking about a specific issue they had to do with mental health and it was important for that group of people.
But about ten minutes into this meeting of this panel i realized i want to be there.
And i’m my own boss and so i just you know that i was one of the people i wasn’t leaving the meeting thank goodness,
but i just can’t was for the person that was in fact i gotta get going and they’re fine with it.
And it felt great to get up and leave a meeting that to me was a productive wasn’t beneficial wasn’t helping me in any way to just get up and leave that.
Leave those boring meetings.

[11:43] It stopped working as many evenings oftentimes we think we’re gonna dip in our clients but you would be surprised at how many people adjust to see you during the day.
Instead of doing late evenings or maybe raining your evenings instead of going to nine goes till seven or have one late evening have the recipe earlier.
When you bring in the rather than to say all my evenings are free or the evenings are free estimates you look better makes you look more like a professional.

[12:12] Next in regards to building your independence was to get financially fit last week we talked about paying off student loan debt how to do that some ways to think about it.
And the more financially fit you are more independent you’ll feel you feel that you can make decisions that are different than when you know every month i have this day after.
Every month i don’t know what how much is coming in how much is going out when you feel that you understand and have that freedom it’s gonna be.
Able to better help you succeed so get financially fit and that’s gonna help build independence.
It’s funny cuz you think of budget anything but staying on a budget and looking at numbers and often times it feels like it’s these chains but really,
budget is just you telling your money where you want it to go and making sure that it’s just that this reactionary thing but instead it’s,
the year just saying hey this is this is why i want you to go next.
Get off of bed insurances i know that a lot of you decide to be an insurance and that’s totally fine i have a hundred percent private paper actors.
Save you because of your market because of the people you want to work with are you have a mixed model alison pidgeon does a great job kind of teaching all about that.

[13:27] But if you can get insurance is that don’t pay in time or don’t pay their pain to work with very few clients from them they pay really low.
That’s really frustrating because back to that freedom from control and influence that’s part of that idea of independence.
And you should be able to say just like with a bad meeting this is a bad insurance to work with it’s okay to leave those insurance next.
Do some virtual sessions once in a while work from home to take the afternoon off and instead of driving into the office to talk to your clients but doing a virtual session once a month.
Of that’s going to give you more freedom in regards to if you want to travel while keeping up your work.
It’s gonna give you freedom of there’s a snow day if you live in michigan yeah we always have a handful of days each year that.
The whole city pretty much shuts down if you people get busy and i can’t drive across town so it counts and if you if you establish that it’s gonna give you more independence and freedom.
When you re establish what a virtual session is like right next number sixteen taking extra day off.
Maybe not every week will you know your schedule you know how much money you need to bring in but schedule in a three day weekend every once in a while maybe once a month maybe every other week.
So the you and have a little bit more.

[14:57] Will be gone just be you that’s ten o’clock i expected that my car to be kicking my mouse queues me.

[15:05] Take an extra day off once in a while number 17.
Schedule time to dream oftentimes we just react to what’s happening in our practice for just seeing clients were doing all those things that’s fine.
But taking time to go for an extended walk for part of an afternoon to dream about what else you could do the and just your practice is really important for feeling inspired and feeling a sense of you directing the direction that your going in.
N number seventeen point seven six.
Plan something big stretch yourself try to get a keynote decide to do an e-course get interviewed on a podcast I don’t care what it is as long as it stretches you.
The stretch goals it’s amazing when you achieve them the feeling that you will have that you can and take out something even bigger even more wild even more of an impact on the world.
And so it stretch yourself plan something big stretch yourself a,
even if you don’t make it all the way you look stress yourself to something amazing.
So happy fourth of july those of you that are in the united states hope you’re enjoying the day off.
Those of you that are in the UK I’m sorry you lost the war I’m not a big word fan but I do like not living under a king but that’s kind of offensive cuz you still live under a queen and you guys seem to have it together in a lot of different ways.
So i can think alone as a speaker think i might just of and more people so that’s just not what i wanna do.
But i’m leave us in here cuz you can then know that i’m human and cuz.

[16:42] Either way super random have a great day thanks to me in two years into your brain you all rock.
Especially our brothers and sisters across the pond have a great day.

[16:54] Music.

[17:00] Is park st vincent right after thirty two information regardless of.
Understand the host the culture of gas surrendering legal accounting clinic or other professional information.
New professional you should find when inserted faith in the universe that would be the worst thing all the british citizens.
Have an awesome.

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