Podcast 008 | Building a referral network and connecting with public speakers an interview with Tarah Elhardan

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by Joseph R. Sanok

Podcast 008 |an interview with Tarah Elhardan

Building a referral network and connecting with public speakers 


Joseph R. Sanok: Counselor, Private Practice Owner, Consultant, Marketing Expert, and Blogger

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In this podcast I talk with soon-to-be graduate Tarah Elhardan. She discusses how to build a referral network and connecting with public speakers.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to grow your referral network.
  • Ways to connect with public speakers, keynotes, and other influential individuals.
  • As a graduate student, ways to stand out from your peers.
  • Tips, advice, and ways to continue to grow your counseling private practice

Links and Items Mentioned in this Podcast



These are things that I discussed in the podcast. I’m so glad that you’re checking these things out. I have learned so much for these folks and I really appreciate them as partners!

Dr. Rebecca Eldredge’s Teletherapy Series

Practice of the Practice Facebook

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Tarah Elhardan, an up-in-coming marketing, counseling, and health guru!

Tarah’s blog has just launched, she’s building content still, but you should be one of the first to start following her: Mental Wellness & Living

Tarah’s article about connecting with speakers | Three tips to enhance networking with speakers while in graduate school

Tarah’s other article | Licensure after Graduation from Western Michigan University’s Masters of Arts in Counseling program

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