The Podcast Network Monthly Roundup: November 2023

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Hello reader! As the end of the year draws near, we hope that you’ve fulfilled your practice goals, and are taking a well-earned rest before the next big adventure. But maybe there are some areas you still want to focus on before you close out the year. Maybe you’re struggling with imposter syndrome. Or perhaps, you want to diversify practice services. Either way, we’ve got you covered. So check out our monthly recap below!
Here’s to a festive and fun December!


Do It Scared: Confronting Imposter Syndrome with Maggie Malone | GP 196

Why does shame underlie imposter syndrome? What are the first steps to distancing yourself from fear-based behaviors? How can you build up your strength and courage to do something despite feeling afraid? In this podcast episode, LaToya Smith speaks about doing it scared and how to confront imposter syndrome with Maggie Malone, LCSW.

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP), MDMA, and MAPS with Kim Skelton | POP 928

How is ketamine-assisted psychotherapy making new headlines in the therapeutic community? What does a typical session of KAP look like? Which clients are best suited or ill-advised to try this type of modality? In this podcast episode, Andrew Burdette speaks about ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP), MDMA, and MAPS with Kim Skelton.  

How Being an Ally Shows up in Clinical Supervision with Angela Brooks-Livingston | POP 925

Have you ever had tough supervision experiences, or with supervisees? How can you re-approach supervision so that it benefits everyone involved? What can you do to advocate for social justice from within agencies and working as a supervisor? In this podcast episode, Andrew Burdette speaks about how being an ally shows up in clinical supervision with Angela Brooks-Livingston.  


Your Financial Picture and Why Private Equity Firms Want to Buy Your Practice with Tim Hwang | POP 923

How does strong financial health boost your business venture options for the future? What are the basics that private practice owners should know about setting up financial health for their practices? Which automation systems can you consider utilizing for clean and clear operations? In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok discusses your financial picture and why private equity firms want to buy your practice with Tim Hwang.  


A Pastor’s Perspective on Partnering with a Private Practice with Pastor Marty Collier | GP 197

What are the benefits to both counselors and pastors of being in partnership? Have you noticed that many of your clients are reporting similar struggles in your community? How can you reach out and connect with a local church to set up a mutually beneficial referral system? In this podcast episode, LaToya Smith discusses a pastor’s perspective on partnering with a private practice with pastor Marty Collier.  

Niching Down and Leaving Insurance Panels with Sarah Mehta | POP 927

Is it possible to move clients over from insurance to private pay? How does working with the right niche reduce burnout? Do you have the different types of networking groups that best suit and support you? In this podcast episode, Andrew Burdette speaks about niching down and leaving insurance panels with Sarah Mehta.


The Future of Work with Seth Mattison | IDL144 Season 3

How can you test the strength of your leadership? What do you need to do to build psychological safety in your company? Can you navigate the change in a way that brings both your employees and your business out on top?

In this podcast episode, Tyler Dickerhoof interviews Seth Mattison on how you can identify and resolve pain issues in the market, how to test and build psychological safety within your team, and how to adapt to a changing workforce.


The Dangers of Using Ozempic to Treat Eating Disorders with Dr. Anita Federici | BTB 162

Why do some doctors prescribe Ozempic to treat eating disorders? What are the dangers of seeking treatment without a full assessment? How can you shield yourself from the schemes of the diet industry? In this podcast episode, Dr. Cristina Castagnini and expert Dr. Anita Federici discuss the uselessness – and dangers – of using Ozempic as an eating disorder treatment.  

Optimize Your Mind and Body: Forest Therapy Guide Ben Page Reveals Nature’s Healing Secrets | SIN 99

Why is forest bathing a great overall holistic practice to add to your routine? How can forest bathing provide you with a chance to fully get out of your head and into your body? Can you practice forest bathing to rejuvenate your spirit and connection to the world around you?

In this podcast episode, Lisa Lewis speaks about optimizing your mind and body with the Forest Therapy Guide where Ben Page reveals nature’s healing secrets.


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