The Principles of Great Hiring with Dr Michael Neal | GP 208

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What are the common mistakes that folks make when hiring? Why should you be careful of only hiring for experience? How are you approaching finding the right people for your practice?

In this podcast episode, LaToya Smith speaks about the principles of great hiring with Dr Michael Neal.

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Meet Dr Michael Neal

A photo of Dr. Michael Neal is captured. He is an Optometrist and the Founder of Build My Team. Dr. Neal is featured on Grow a Group, a therapist podcast.
Dr Michael Neal is an Optometrist and the Founder of Build My Team, a company dedicated to helping healthcare professionals find the right team members for their practices. Over the many years of growing his practice, he has invented a scientific and predictable way to hire superstar team members. Dr Neal takes the guesswork out of hiring with this scientific process and saves his clients lots of time and worry.
Connect with Dr Neal on LinkedIn. Visit the Build My Team website and connect on Facebook.

In this Podcast

  • The mistakes Michael made in hiring
  • Don’t only hire for experience
  • Hire one person for one job

The mistakes Michael made in hiring

When Dr. Neal and his team were hiring for his business in 2018, he explains that they had “every conceivable problem” when it came to hiring and the people who were initially on the team.

The problem came down to the fact that we were hiring the wrong people. (Dr. Neal)

The mistakes that they made were that they:

  • Hired people based on empathy because they wanted to help them
  • Brought on staff that they wanted to “nurse back to health” in business

None of that stuff works. You cannot be a really empathetic person looking to help others and be successful in the modern hiring healthcare environment … That’s a real challenge because so many of [these listeners] are tremendously skilled in empathy … But what you’re really looking for is somebody who … brings natural strengths to the position that you’re looking to hire for. (Dr. Neal)

Don’t only hire for experience

Hire people for intelligence and their interpersonal soft skills. Sure, experience is great, but it can also bring some cons into it as well since these new hires may be bringing in bad habits from previous experience into your company.

So, keep an eye on experience, but don’t let it be all that you see on an applicant’s resume. Allow them the chance to learn from you, and that can be great too; you can train them specifically for the role that they would be hired into.

So the idea of teaching somebody … Nobody has to be an expert, because so many times we want somebody who gets it, we think it’s going to be easier when they come in … What I hear you saying is don’t be afraid if they’re not, because you can teach them your way and your process. (LaToya Smith)

If you are expecting someone to walk in and know everything that there is to know about the role without training them, you are looking for a unicorn. So don’t just hire for experience; hire for learnability, and train them yourself.

Hire one person for one job

Don’t hire a multitasker because it probably won’t always be reliable. Divide the roles up into individual pieces and hire a person for each role, instead of trying to find one person who can do five things.

What our team does is it helps the practice … manager whittle down the important characteristics of the person that they’re looking for so that we can fill the position with somebody who’s naturally talented and has the strengths that they require. (Dr. Neal)

Write a specific job description for that role – this is another service that Dr. Neal’s team offers – and submit it for people to apply to, then the final candidates start to come through.

How much is it worth for you to know that you are investing in a great company to help you look for the best-fit employees for your practice? If it is, then consider working with Build My Team!

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