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How can you integrate your lived experience into wisdom that you can properly share with others? Do you feel like you have had life experiences that can become powerful knowledge for your clients on their journeys? What can you do to intentionally improve your life a little bit each day?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about travel, personal growth, and getting a TV show with Lisa Haisha.

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Meet Lisa Haisha

A photo of Lisa Haisha is captured. She is a television host, mother, entrepreneur, personal coach, author, cultural researcher, world traveler, motivational speaker, corporate keynote, and spiritual healer. Lisa is featured on the Practice of the Practice, a therapist podcast.

Featured as one of the Top Life Coaches to watch in 2023 by Entrepreneur Magazine, Lisa Haisha is a television host, mother, entrepreneur, personal coach, author, cultural researcher, world traveler, motivational speaker, corporate keynote, and spiritual healer. Lisa has traveled to over 80 countries to learn from people on their terms, including in boardrooms, yurts, Bedouin caves, South American jungles, ancient cities, prisons, and orphanages.

Leveraging these learnings and her education, holding a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, Lisa packaged her unique methodology into her best-selling “SoulBlazing” book, helping thousands worldwide live more purposeful, authentic lives.

Visit Soul Blazing and connect with Lisa on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

In this Podcast

  • Travel for personal development 
  • Turning personal experiences into communal knowledge 
  • Transforming daily life after travel 
  • Getting a TV show 
  • Lisa’s advice to private practitioners

Travel for personal development 

For Lisa, travel was about pursuing her curiosity. 

Having grown up in a strict household as one of the older siblings of a big bunch, she always desired to break free and see the world on her own terms. 

I [didn’t] know who I [was]. Everything was always about what others think or what other people want, and I would go with them, so it was a great learning [experience] … I had never traveled alone, and I was young and it was so exciting … ! (Lisa Haisha) 

Lisa learned from the people that she met how quickly they made friends, and how authentic they were in approaching people to find the ones that they connected the most and the best with. 

This practice taught her how to recognize her “soul family”, the fellow travelers in the world that she connected with on a deeper level. 

Turning personal experiences into communal knowledge 

Lisa recognized the fact that she was traveling for a purpose, but that she didn’t know the reason for it yet at the time. So, she kept journals and filled them up with pages of writing. 

Then from all these experiences, I felt like I knew people really well from each culture … I saw myself giving out this advice all the time, and then I thought, “Why don’t I go get professional training”, now that I’m street smart, [I should] get book smart! (Lisa Haisha) 

So, after all this lived experience, Lisa decided to pursue a master’s degree in psychology so that she could have some theoretical knowledge to complement her life experience. 

I realized [by] talking to so many people that they put on masks because they don’t know how to be themselves with everyone, and so with each person they say, ‘Oh, who do I have to be to be liked by this person?’ because everyone wants to belong, but what people don’t understand is that if you don’t belong to you, you belong nowhere … and [then] every relationship is empty which brings about loneliness. (Lisa Haisha) 

Lisa understood that people were always putting on a face to each other in an attempt to be liked, without realizing that trying to pander to everyone else to be accepted is a self-fulfilling prophecy to being isolated since it is not a genuine connection. 

Therefore, Lisa began working with people to help them identify and remove their identity ‘masks’ so that they could genuinely connect with and exist in their authentic selves. 

Transforming daily life after travel 

One of the biggest pieces of wisdom that Lisa has incorporated into your daily life after her years of traveling is; 

  • Doing something for her mind, body, and spirit every day, even if each thing is only for one minute 
  • Keeping her space and home clean and intentional whenever possible 
  • Having an intentional short meditation for a few minutes at sunrise and sunset 
  • Journaling and walking 

I’ve found that when you have something like that that’s grounding, it’s really beneficial. (Lisa Haisha)

Getting a TV show 

Lisa’s got a brand new show on Amazon TV, which came from her YouTube show, the “Legacy Series” where Lisa interviewed over 100 famous people about changing their lives as well as others. 

Now, Lisa’s filmed a TV show over two days with 15 people! And it’s been released on Amazon TV, with another one coming out soon. 

Lisa’s advice to private practitioners 

Aim to tap into someone’s soul, and the way to do this is to work with your ideal client, and in an area of life that you are curious about working through with them. 

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Meet Joe Sanok

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