How Providing Clinical Supervision Helps You To Grow with Dr. Rhonda Johnson | GP 177

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How Providing Clinical Supervision Helps You To Grow with Dr. Rhonda Johnson | GP 177

Why does your career need constant growth? Have you considered bringing supervisors into your private practice? What possibilities can offering supervision provide you?

In this podcast episode, LaToya Smith speaks about how providing clinical supervision helps you to grow with Dr. Rhonda Johnson.

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Meet Dr. Rhonda Johnson

A photo of Dr. Rhonda Johnson is captured. She is the owner of the Center for Counseling and Family Relationships. Dr. Johnson is featured on Grow a Group Practice, a therapist podcast.

Dr. Johnson is the founder and owner of the Center for Counseling and Family Relationships, a large, thriving group practice that was established in 2007 and specializes in family systems and trauma-informed approaches. She is also the founder and owner of CCFAM Training, established in 2012, offering supervision and ethics courses. She is also the owner of Play Therapy Training Resources, established in 2021, offering play therapy trainings. Through those companies, she provides continuing education, supervision, and consultations.

Visit The Center for Counseling and Family Relationships and connect on Facebook and LinkedIn.

In This Podcast

  • The possibilities with supervision
  • Choosing who to bring in
  • Are you considering taking on supervisors?

The possibilities with supervision

Supervision is not just supervision. It can open up new doors and opportunities for your business to grow.

By attending training, Dr. Johnson was able to step up and learn what was necessary for her to offer supervision within her new private practice.

I really look at supervision as a heartbeat … what led to us not only being successful as a practice but [it created] so many opportunities along the way and then two other businesses along the way, to a total of three.

Dr. Johnson

Choosing who to bring in

When you are handing supervision over to someone else, you have no idea what type of consultation they’re giving or whether it follows your policies and procedures or not.

You’re having to recognize that supervision and consultation answers are never going to be the same and that’s the importance of a supervisor and really wanting to make sure that the supervisor’s familiar with what the policies and procedures are.

Dr. Johnson

You want consultation and supervision to align and not be separated, and they should both be internal so that the boss can make sure everything is going as planned and as best as it could.

Are you considering taking on supervisors?

The bulk of new students have to complete their hours outside of their school setting and they are not getting to choose because the availability is so small. They may just take whatever is available even if it doesn’t fit well.

Unfortunately, some supervisors prefer having someone work for them so that they can earn money off of them, and the passion isn’t in the supervision.

I view supervision as a training ground. I would not supervise someone who has not spent their associate or intern licensure period under someone learning because it’s more than just making as much as you can make, or being off on your own … this is your opportunity to learn under someone.

Dr. Johnson

Supervision is much more than case consultation because you are trying to help them learn so much – even how to bring themselves into the field, and what they want to pursue next.

Learning doesn’t stop, it just needs to keep being redirected to the next best place!

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Meet LaToya Smith

An image of LaToya Smith is captured. She is a consultant with Practice of the Practice and the owner of LCS Counseling. LaToya is featured on the Practice of the Practice, a therapist podcast.

LaToya is a consultant with Practice of the Practice and the owner of LCS Counseling and Consulting Agency in Fortworth Texas. She firmly believes that people don’t have to remain stuck in their pain or the place they became wounded. In addition to this, LaToya encourages her clients to be active in their treatment and work towards their desired


She has also launched Strong Witness which is a platform designed to connect, transform, and heal communities through the power of storytelling.

Visit LaToya’s website. Connect with her on FacebookInstagramStrong Witness Instagram, and Twitter.

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