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Do you know why you are actually doing what you are doing? Are you simply chasing achievements, or do you have an intention? How can you simply yet powerfully turn all your “losses” into “wins”?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about how to engage in the present and avoid burnout with Eric Recker.

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Meet Eric Recker

A photo of Eric Recker captured. He is a dentist, the CEO of Own The Now LLC and an advocate for mental wellness. Eric is featured on the Practice of the Practice, a therapist podcast.

Dr Eric Recker is a dentist, husband, father, keynote speaker, Elite Success Coach, author, pilot, mountain climber, and recovering triathlete. In his second half of life, he is committed to helping people shorten the distance to becoming their best version and learning to #WINtheNOW.

Visit Eric’s website and connect on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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In this Podcast

  • Why are you climbing this mountain?
  • The power of incorporating quiet into your day 
  • Why does it matter to focus on the present?
  • Eric’s advice to private practitioners

Why are you climbing this mountain?

Whether it’s a tough goal that you are working towards, either for work or in your personal life, you need to ask yourself; “why am I climbing this mountain?” 

If you don’t know why you are doing something, it will be harder to motivate yourself when things get tough. 

That was the phrase that hit me; if you don’t know why you’re climbing the mountain, you’re not going to find the answer at the top. So [in my life] I really had to stop, pause, and think what does that mean to me? I was chasing the next achievement … There was always going to be a higher mountain, another thing to accomplish, but in that moment I realized that I needed to know why I was doing it. (Eric Recker) 

For Eric, working with this new mindset helped him to slow down and be intentional with what he was doing, which in turn helped to drastically reduce and eliminate burnout since he was no longer chasing accomplishments aimlessly. 

The power of incorporating quiet into your day 

Eric began a habit of starting each day with 30 minutes of silence. No phones, no notifications, he would sit in a quiet room by himself, allowing his thoughts to run, for 30 minutes on a timer. 

This practice allowed him to shift his life because it gave him the daily opportunity to check in with himself and start each day by being fully in the present moment, with intention. 

With our phones, I think we’ve lost so much of that quiet space, and so I think our brains crave that … So when we actually create quiet, once we get past that uncomfortable feeling, it’s so rich for our brains. (Eric Recker) 

Be specific about creating moments of quiet with yourself – and with your loved ones. 

Be out in nature and walk, without distractions, and be present with your thoughts and emotions. Meditate, journal, or even sit and enjoy a meal without something keeping your attention. 

Try to be intentional about being in the present moment. I think we are stuck in the past, [that] our minds are stuck in the past with the things that happened to us or the things that we did, or we’re worried about the future … When we’re in either one of those places, we miss out on the one thing that’s guaranteed, and that’s the moment right in front of us. (Eric Recker) 

Why does it matter to focus on the present?

As Eric explains, it’s important to focus on the present moment because it’s all we have. If people are intentional and aware in the present moment, they won’t miss out on as much life as they do compared to when they are living in the past – or the future. 

Sure, you need to think about the future and plan for it, and you can think back on the past to learn from it, but the present moment is where life is. So if you are never allowing yourself to be present, you risk missing out on your life. 

[I talk about] breaking your day up into the different “nows” that you experience … I break my day into 15-minute sections … So then I think about what a win looks like in that present moment? … And then you try to get those wins in those moments. (Eric Recker)

Sometimes you’ll take a loss, and if – or when – you do, make a note of it. When you have some time, reflect back on it and ask yourself; “What can I learn from that loss?” In doing this, you turn this loss into a win. 

These practices also help you to decrease anxiety since you learn to process the good and the bad times in life and find what works for you from each of these moments. 

Eric’s advice to private practitioners 

We have to know why we’re climbing the mountain because it will allow you to remember if this is worth the hike, or whether your energy is better used summiting another goal. 

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Meet Joe Sanok

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