Monthly Round Up Of Posts: July 2018

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Monthly Round Up Of Posts: July 2018

In the month of July we had a look at whether or not you should use your own name in your counseling practice. We gave you some great tips on the mindsets you need to master during the scaling phase of your practice. Not only this, but we also discussed strategies within the growth phase of your practice. Some phenomenal guests were featured on the podcast and repurposed content from the live Q&A which takes place in Next Level Practice.

Top Stories

Should You Use Your Own Name in Your Counseling Business Name?

If you know that you just want to do counseling yourself, and you don’t want to ever have a group practice, that you will never do it and you are certain on that, then I’d say just do it as your name. But, there are a lot of reasons why you should have it be a name that’s not just you. If you ever want to move away from being in the chair as much, it’s a lot harder. People want to see you, they want to see the person whose name is on the side. They may pay more for that, but it’s a lot harder to pivot out of that role.

Five Business Development Ideas Within The Scaling Phase of Practice

During the scaling phase there’s a number of things that you need to do, but the first thing is five mindsets that you need to master:

  1. Remove hats
  2. Replace yourself
  3. Automate your marketing
  4. Understand lifetime value of a customer
  5. De-emphasize yourself

Three Business Development Strategies Within the Growth Phase of Private Practice

The growth phase of your practice is from that $40,000 to $100,000 range. There’s three specific things that you need to do so that you can master this phase and move on to the scaling phase:

  1. Your ideal client
  2. Content that attracts them
  3. Networking with people that will bring that ideal client in


How to Grow Fast and Leave your Full Time Job with Lindsey Huttner I PoP 309

In this episode, Lindsey Huttner talks about how she started her private practice on the side, three and a half years ago while she was working full time. She then eventually decided to leave her full time job and make her private practice her main focus. With the help of Practice of the Practice worksheet, Lindsey was able to work out how she could work towards her goal of working for herself.

Kim Parker on Having a Part-Time Private Practice and a Full-Time Job I PoP 310

Kim Parker talks about how she is running a part-time practice whilst working a full-time job. She shares her story of how she juggles the two roles and how joining Next Level Practice gave her the support she needs whilst maintaining a positive outlook as she works towards her big goal.

Networking That Is Not Slimy With Theresa Leskowat I PoP 311

In this episode, Joe speaks to Theresa Leskowat about how she is building her business by networking and getting rid of the bad stigmas attached to networking. She also shares some tips on how networking can bring in clients.

Jennifer DiGennaro got Seven Clients in Her First Month I PoP 312

Jennifer DiGennaro elaborates further on how she was able to get seven clients during her first month of practice and how she worked her way up to this point.

When To Leave A Full-Time Job With Patrick Schultz I PoP 313

PatrickSchultz speaks about how he is still currently working towards his dream of being able to move into practice full-time. In four months Patrick has gone from having a handful of clients to now adding clinicians to his practice. This will set him up for being able to leave his full-time job.

Joanne Kim On The Six Steps To Start A Private Practice I PoP 314

Joanne Kim outlines six crucial steps you have to take to start a private practice. She also talks about her journey to starting her own private practice and the dreams she has accomplished.

John Israel aka Mr. Thank You, Wrote Five Thank You Cards A, Day For A Year I PoP 315

John Israel speaks about how and why he wrote 5 thank you cards a day, for a year. Once John found out his ‘why’, he thought about elevating his level of gratitude on the planet and how he would go about doing it. He delves further into his experiences and positive life changing moments which transformed not only his life but those around him too.

Marissa Lawton On Marketing Through Influencers I PoP 316

In this podcast Marissa Lawton lays out a few key rules regarding social media marketing and dispenses some handy tips for marketing through influencers. She also includes a free workbook on content media marketing.

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