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How can you stand out in the already crowded market of consulting? Do you work as a consultant as well as a therapist? What should you do to be successful in these businesses while being ethical and accurate in both?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about growing multiple streams of income with Omar Ruiz.

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Meet Omar Ruiz

A photo of Omar Ruiz is captured. He is a licensed Marriage and family therapist, and a Business Coach, out of Boston, Massachusetts. Omar is featured on the Practice of the Practice, a therapist podcast.

Omar is a licensed Marriage and family therapist, and a Business Coach, out of Boston, Massachusetts. As a business coach for therapists, he specializes in helping private practice owners improve their online presence so that they can attract the clients they want, especially private pay.

He currently has a slow-growing YouTube channel, where he produces detailed videos with quality marketing tips that therapists can use to improve their practices’ online visibility. Plus, not only has he been featured in several big media publications (such as WebMd, Huffington Post, and Women’s Health magazine), but he was also one of the many pre-note presenters at the 2023 Mental Health Marketing Conference.

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In this Podcast

  • Offering business coaching as a stream of income
  • Standing out in the crowded space of consulting
  • Omar’s quick masterclass on offering a new service
  • Omar’s advice to private practitioners

Offering business coaching as a stream of income

Omar started looking at private practice Facebook groups one day and started joining a couple to see if he could learn anything from other private practice owners to enhance his work.

Very quickly I realized that I had a lot more to offer than to receive from others, and the funny piece was as soon as I started to give a lot of feedback … I would get kicked out and suspended from some groups, and that’s when I was learning that there’s a culture with most Facebook groups … whereby the owner has developed the group as a way to [sponsor] their private practice building program or services. (Omar Ruiz)

Omar could see that many people wanted his answers but he couldn’t easily access them through other Facebook groups. This led him to develop his business coaching service.

Maybe this is my new path. Maybe this is the path I need to take which is to become a business coach for therapists. (Omar Ruiz)

Omar started researching existing coaches and tried to figure out how to differentiate himself from the rest. So, he came up with his own brand and brand promise and now has a coaching business that supports him and his clients.

Standing out in the crowded space of consulting

Everyone is prone to suffering from impostor syndrome at some point in their lives. Impostor syndrome can be taken as a good sign that you are coming out of your comfort zone and placing yourself in new environments where your skills will be challenged and ultimately leveled up.

I’m gonna be honest, it still exists … For me, whenever I was giving support to people, I think to myself … “Who am I to offer this sort of knowledge or understanding?” And the way I combat it is that I’ve always taken … this stance of; “Anything that I share, anyone can Google and fact-check me.” (Omar Ruiz)

As Omar learned from Joe as well, the world is currently in the implementation age, not in the information age. There is so much information out there now that anyone can find the right answer.

So, what people now need help with is to take that information and do something with it – that is why so many coaches are needed, and why you can carve a valid space out for yourself in the market.

At the end of the day, even with all this information that’s available and accessible to people, you still need to figure out how to implement that information, and I think that’s what I try to hold on to so that way I’m not going beyond myself. (Omar Ruiz)

Omar’s quick masterclass on offering a new service

  • Research the coaching system or program that you want to offer
  • Research different current leaders in that sector and see what their clients say. Who should you learn from?
I’m a true believer in the value of social proof, which in an online market would be their reputation or reviews and testimonials because people hold more belief in other people who have used that service and have benefited from that service more than the actual coach or provider themselves. (Omar Ruiz)
  • Have a clear understanding of your learning style so that you can optimize how well you understand the information
  • Understand the financial commitment that is required so don’t underprice yourself
  • Remember that coaching is a separate business from your therapy practice. Do not combine them!
  • Like with therapy, know that there are some limitations to what you can ethically help someone to do. Refer someone out if what they need help with is beyond your scope of expertise

Omar’s advice to private practitioners

Treat your practice – or your new income stream – like a marathon and not a sprint. Trust the process and take each step one at a time.

So if you are thinking about starting, then start now!

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Meet Joe Sanok

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Joe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners who are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.

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