The Podcast Network Monthly Roundup: December 2023

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Happy New Year!
We hope you’ve had a blessed festive season with friends and family – and amidst it all, that you’ve had some time to relax.
A new year brings new goals; both personal and professional. Perhaps 2024 is the year you’ll make the jump from six to seven figures. Maybe, it’s the year you’ll step up your leadership game. Or maybe you’ll write that book.
If you’re struggling to decide, tune into the POP network, and we’ll help you step up your game for 2024!


NYT best-selling author Nedra Glover Tawwab on Growing a Following and Writing a Book | POP 930

How can Instagram and social media content lead to a best-selling book? What are the two ingredients of being successful at posting content on social media? What lies beyond the horizon for a motivated therapist who wants to move their work beyond the therapy room?
In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with NYT best-selling author Nedra Glover Tawwab about growing a following and writing a book.

Seven Figure Practice Series: Lisa Duez on early Decisions that made a Huge Impact | POP 935

What’s one key aspect that can allow your practice to jump from 100k to 500k? Why must CEOs of seven-figure practices place their trust in their team? What does it look like to move from five figures into six and then seven?
In this Seven Figure Practice Series podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Lisa Duez on early decisions that made a huge impact on her success.

Seven Figure Practice Series: How to Build Your Leadership Team with Soribel Martinez | PoP Bonus

Who do you need in your leadership team when you are running a busy, successful private practice? What’s the next step from getting to six to seven figures in your business? Why is your mindset so crucial to your success?
In this bonus podcast episode in the Seven Figure Practice series, Joe Sanok speaks about how to build your leadership team with Soribel Martinez.


How To Start and Grow A Mastermind Group with Jeremy Shapiro | GP 204

Do you miss being in a community with therapists who are going through similar phases that you are? Have you been thinking about learning with people again like you used to? Can you see yourself starting or joining a mastermind group that’s tailored to your skills, goals, and future aspirations?
In this podcast episode, LaToya Smith speaks about how to start and grow a mastermind group with Jeremy Shapiro.


The Upside Of Building A High Volume Insurance Practice with Melissa Schneider | GP 202

Can you build a successful mega-practice only by taking insurance? How can you maintain the retention of therapists? Why does offering in-house development boost the happiness and quality of your therapists and their services?
In this podcast episode, LaToya Smith speaks about the upside of building a high-volume insurance practice with Melissa Schneider.

Seven Figure Practice Series: Your Most Important Number with Lee Benson | POP 937

How do you raise kids who value life and strive for personal and professional greatness? Can you name off the top of your head what the main value points of your business are? Why should you tailor your business strategy to exactly what your business is?
In this Seven Figure Practice Series podcast episode, Joe Sanok discusses your most important number with Lee Benson.

Seven Figure Practice Series: Solid Systems for Maximum Profit and Better Employee Benefits with Irene Schreiner | POP 938

Which processes do you have systematized in your practice? When should you hire an admin and when should you set up a system? Why are you able to cut back on costs by investing in good systems?
In this Seven Figure Practice Series podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about solid systems for maximum profit and better employee benefits with Irene Schreiner.

The Learn-It-All Leader with Damon Lembi | IDL145 Season 3

Why is the ability to learn a crucial skill for every leader to have? If learning isn’t easy to do, how can you get better at doing it? How can you overcome impostor syndrome and allow yourself to learn without shame?

In this podcast episode, Tyler interviews Damon Lembi, the CEO of Learnit and the author of The Learn It All Leader. Together, they discuss the traits and tools of a learning leader, how to cultivate a learning mentality, and how to overcome imposter syndrome.


Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Changing Pathways in your Brain and Recovery with Millie Thomas | Ep 166 

Why is it important for you to hear success stories from people who have fully recovered from eating disorders? Have you heard of neurolinguistic programming? How can you remember each day that YOU have the choice and the ability to change, no matter how bad it is?

In this podcast episode, Dr. Cristina Castagnini speaks about Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) to change pathways in your brain and recovery with Millie Thomas.


Harmonizing Your Inner Dance: A Guide to Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies for Lasting Well-Being | Ep 100

Have you ever felt an unbalance between you and your masculine and feminine energies? Have you ever felt afraid to step out of one and into the other? How do the qualities of the feminine and the masculine manifest in your life authentically?

In this podcast episode, Lisa Lewis speaks about harmonizing your inner dance and her guide to balancing masculine and feminine energies for lasting well-being.

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