The Importance Of Having A CEO Mindset with Brandy Mabra | GP 189

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Are you struggling with adopting a CEO mindset? Would you still be a CEO even with only one hire? How can you fully step into your CEO status as a practice owner while being authentically you?

In this podcast episode, LaToya Smith speaks about the importance of having a CEO mindset with Brandy Mabra.

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Meet Brandy Mabra

A photo of Brandy Mabra is captured. She is a CEO coach for private practice business owners and CEO of Savvy Clover Coaching & Consulting. Brandy is featured on Grow Group Practice, a therapist podcast.

Brandy Mabra is a CEO coach for private practice business owners and CEO of Savvy Clover Coaching & Consulting, with over 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry helping to build, manage and lead multi-million dollar group practices from the C-Suite. She helps her clients increase their profitability and time by teaching them to look at their businesses holistically using the 6 Pillars of Business Excellence™ and her 9-step signature method.

She is a 2021 & 2022 Forbes Coach Council and has been featured online in Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Create & Cultivate and on select podcasts.

Visit Savvy Clover and connect on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn.

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In This Podcast

  • The importance of an CEO mindset

  • How to change your mindset

  • Own your CEO status

The importance of an CEO mindset

Many therapists have issues with adopting a CEO mindset toward their business because they are mostly focused – and taught to be focused – on their clients solely.

However, once you launch a private practice and decide to hire staff, you are transitioning into becoming a business owner, and the success of your business will depend on how well you can navigate that space.

Luckily, this can be learned!

When people think about [being a] CEO, they think about bad corporate or Devil Wears Prada … that’s not what it is! It’s honestly just about being an empowered owner of your practice and stepping fully into the mission and vision of the purpose that God has given you. (Brandy Mabra)

When you fully step into your CEO mindset and embody that role, you strengthen your business. Naturally, some people will be drawn to you and others will be pushed away, but that is okay.

Not everyone is meant to walk that path, and have faith in knowing that your authenticity will attract the right people for the job!

How to change your mindset

If you don’t make the shift into recognizing that your business is its own entity, your business has its own thing going on, its own personality, its own growth … you’re not going to be able to move toward your million-dollar practice. (Brandy Mabra)

Your ability to level up your mindset and how you relate to your business is the key to unlocking – and acting upon – its full potential. You need to figure out what you want for your:

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Lifestyle

Figure out what you want for your life, for your business, and then step into it scared!

You will not get to a point where you feel comfortable doing something that will change you, because once you get fully used to it, it may no longer hold that transformative factor.

The goal is to recognize when you’re [slipping back into old habits], and the goal is to have the awareness of maybe some things that might come up for you … if you want a million-dollar practice, what’s coming up for you for why you don’t feel like you could have it? Why do you feel guilty? You say that you need to make more money, why are you not raising your rates? (Brandy Mabra)

A lot of challenges that could hinder you from creating this mindset are most likely internal struggles that you have, like old limiting beliefs, which you need to address and resolve if you are committed to building an effective CEO mindset.

If you want to have a CEO mindset, you have to be healthy in all areas. (LaToya Smith)

Own your CEO status

Even if you have one employee or 20 employees, you still have to take accountability for what is happening inside of your business, that is what contributes to you being a great CEO.

If you are kind of just winging it when you show up, a business of any size can take over your life in a bad way, and it can be amazing when you actually put structure in. (Brandy Mabra)

The challenges that a CEO faces with a team of two versus a team of 22 is of course different, but each CEO uses the same tools to navigate them.

You need to be authentic in your vision, mission, and values. Be prepared to take accountability and responsibility where necessary. You need to determine what your definition of success is.

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    Meet LaToya Smith

    An image of LaToya Smith is captured. She is a consultant with Practice of the Practice and the owner of LCS Counseling. LaToya is featured on the Practice of the Practice, a therapist podcast.

    LaToya is a consultant with Practice of the Practice and the owner of LCS Counseling and Consulting Agency in Fortworth Texas. She firmly believes that people don’t have to remain stuck in their pain or the place they became wounded. In addition to this, LaToya encourages her clients to be active in their treatment and work towards their desired outcomes.

    She has also launched Strong Witness which is a platform designed to connect, transform, and heal communities through the power of storytelling.

    Visit LaToya’s website. Connect with her on FacebookInstagramStrong Witness Instagram, and Twitter.

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