Monthly Round Up Of Posts: November 2017

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Monthly Round Up Of Posts: November 2017

The month of November was jam-packed with articles aimed at helping you start, grow, and scale your practice. Our top stories include how to market your practice, how to stick it (a.k.a private practice) out for the long run, and how to be more productive. Alison Pidgeon also did a podcast takeover throughout the month and gave invaluable tips and advice on how to set up and grow a group practice.

Top Stories

Ideas to market a practice

7 Ideas to Market a Practice

So, you’ve decided to take the leap into starting a private practice. And, now, you’re faced with the often daunting task of marketing it. Well, we’re here to show you just how doable it actually is. Here are seven ideas to get you started in marketing your private practice.

Private Practice: The Long Game

When I opened my private practice, everyone told me that I would love it. They told me that it would change my life. I was told that I would no longer have my schedule controlled by a manager, or that I would have to struggle with the low pay, long hours and only a glimmer of vacation time. They made it sound like a dream come true. But, let me be real with you. I was not naïve and starstruck by their words. I knew deep down it would be more than just finding a space, hanging my sign, and seeing clients flood through the door.   

Productivity Hacks | Three Ways To Get More Done In a week

Just wanted to share with you a couple of tips on how to get more done by structuring your week a little bit differently. There are three techniques that I use all the time. For me, these have really increased the amount that I get done, but also the follow-through that I have which, ultimately, helps my overall income go up as well.


How Do You Know If Starting A Group Practice Is Right For You? | PoP 252

Alison Pidgeon kicks off her podcast takeover with episode one of five on how to determine whether a group practice is right for you. She covers the pros and cons associated with running a group practice as well as what she plans to cover in this series aimed at owning a group private practice.

The “Nuts and Bolts” of How to Build a Group Practice | PoP 253

In this episode, Alison Pidgeon speaks about the systems and processes required for running a group practice and how to make it more efficient and streamlined. This includes making use of an electronic health record system, hiring administrative help, and writing down your processes.

How to Hire the Right People in Your Group Practice | Pop 254

In this podcast takeover, Alison Pidgeon provides tips and advice around how to hire the right people for your group practice. This includes deciding whether or not you are going to hire W-2 employees or 1099 contractors.

Marketing and Branding Your Group Practice | PoP 255

In this podcast takeover, Alison Pidgeon talks about marketing and branding a group private practice. She provides invaluable tips on what to think about when it comes to marketing your practice along with what it means to define a brand. Alison also provides practical advice on how you can start marketing your group practice straight away!

Managing Staff in Your Group Practice | PoP 256

Alison Pidgeon has taken over the Practice of the Practice podcast for the last five episodes. In this last one, she chats about how to manage staff in a group practice practice. This entails determining what kind of boss you want to be. Alison provides three points to think about in this regard and provides practical examples for each.

Vote for Practice of the Practice

Brighter Vision is launching their ‘Best Of… 2017’ Awards. Practice of the Practice has been nominated in four areas.



Before You Go…

  • Why Most Practices Can’t Level Up
    In the coming articles, I am going to walk you through how to create a “Next Level Practice.” After interviewing and researching what top practice owners do, I’ve discovered there are three main steps they take. We’ll be discussing these in three big chunks.
  • One Five Minute Exercise To Level Up Your Practice
    In the coming weeks, I’m going to be posting some steps that will walk you through getting to the next level of private practice. These articles are for people that are already established in practice and want to get to the next level. So, if you’re grossing at least $40k, you’re in the right place. If you’re making six-figures, you’re definitely in the right place!
  • Six Ways For Private Practice Business To Handle Negative Reviews
    It doesn’t matter how amazing your service is, it could even be the best in town. But, you’re still going to get negative customer reviews, on way or another.
  • Do You Need a W-2 Employee or 1099 Contractor?
    Whether or not you own your own private practice (yet), you would of – more than likely – come across the terms ‘W-2’ and ‘1099’. You may or may not know what they mean, or what their significance is with regards to private practice. The intent behind this blog post is to clarify any and all confusion associated with these terms, the importance of them, and the difference between the two.
  • How To Set Up a Business Pinterest Account
    So, today, I’m going to be walking you through how to set up a Business Pinterest Account.
  • Don’t Let This Happen To You
    In the last article, your action was to block off time for something outside of your business. I hope you’re already finding some interesting things to do. Did I tell you I joined a curling team? You know, that Olympic sport where they sweep ice? Yeah, that’s what I’m doing!
  • Creating Headspace For the Next Big Thing: Finding a Supervisor
    Graduation day had finally arrived – after 18 straight semesters with no breaks. Taking semesters off just wasn’t an option for me. I wanted to get school over with, so I could get started in my new career as soon as possible. I had victoriously achieved the first major step in the ultimate goal of working with couples in private practice. Although an exhilarating feeling of accomplishment, I was so completely burned out from going to school for that long that all I wanted to do is run away for a while. Luckily, my beautiful wife Wendy helped make that a reality.
  • Imagine You Could Go On Vacation
    Come the weekend, I turn off my phone on Friday at noon. No more email, text, or business planning. I keep it on for taking pictures of my family, but I don’t do any social media.
  • This One Mindset Will…
    In the last post we discussed looking at your numbers to see where you are spending time, money, and energy. How’d it go?
  • Why You Should File a LLC
    In case you’ve been living under a rock (no judgement), or you are completely new to the world of business, a LLC stands for a Limited Liability Company. Just like a sole proprietorship or a traditional partnership, it is a type of business structure. Deciding on a business structure will directly influence how you pay taxes, whether you are personally liable for any debts incurred, and the number and kind of regulations met. Unlike the above two mentioned, however, a LLC is a lot more basic and easier to maintain. Furthermore, it affords you with similar legal protections to that of a corporation, but allows you to continue operating as a small company.
  • How to Scale a Business | Monthly Income October 2017
    Wondering how to scale a business? Is your private practice growing and you’re ready to scale? It can be frustrating and overwhelming. This monthly income report will show you how I scaled my business since 2013.