The Podcast Network Monthly Roundup: January 2024

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It’s February already!
The year is moving quickly, and it’s our goal here at POP to help you get on top of it. Throughout January, we’ve run our New Year, New Habits series, and here we’ve compiled a list of episodes we know you’ll love. 
So, launch that podcast, create that course, hire that employee and meditate to get the best out of 2024!


New Year, New Habits: Kristina Orlova on OCD, launching a podcast, and creating courses | POP 944

Where do you work within your element? What truly lights you up? Are you playing the long game in your passions and your business?
In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Kristina Orlova on OCD, launching a podcast, and creating courses.

New Year, New Habits: Saving Yourself Time and Hiring the Best People with Kolby Goodman | POP Bonus

Are you hiring right now? Are you struggling to find talented candidates that are well-fit and suited to your practice? How can you set yourself apart to attract the talent and find them among the noise of the current recruiting noise?
In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about saving yourself time and hiring the best people with Kolby Goodman.

New Year, New Habits: How to Add Transcendental Meditation and Breathwork to Therapy with Keli Carpenter | POP 947

Have you tried breathwork and meditation? Can you offer these as tools to your clients? How can you tell whether or not a modality will be well-suited to a client’s healing journey?
In this podcast episode in the New Year, New Habits series, Joe Sanok speaks about how to add transcendental meditation and breathwork to therapy with Keli Carpenter.


Respect Your Craft. Own Your Greatness. With Audrey Augustave | GP 206

Are you feeling inspired to develop your edge in therapy? Where did you uncover your niche? Has it changed from what it was when you started therapy?
In this podcast episode, LaToya Smith speaks about respecting your craft and owning your greatness with Audrey Augustave.


The Principles of Great Hiring with Dr Michael Neal | GP 208

What are the common mistakes that folks make when hiring? Why should you be careful of only hiring for experience? How are you approaching finding the right people for your practice?
In this podcast episode, LaToya Smith speaks about the principles of great hiring with Dr Michael Neal.

New Year, New Habits: Rebecca Capps on Launching Courses on Body Image | POP 943

How is the strength and resilience of your practice related to the resilience and adaptability of your mindset? Are you allowing yourself to unapologetically be different from others and step into your uniqueness? What is your process for creating and launching courses?
In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok discusses launching courses on body image with Rebecca Capps.

New Year, New Habits: The Great Marketing Lie: 6 Truths for C-Suites with Mike Snyder | POP Bonus

What makes marketing “hard” when it doesn’t have to be? How can you easily reposition yourself apart from your competitors? Why should you demystify your company to attract your clients?
In this podcast episode in the New Year, New Habits series, Joe Sanok speaks with Mike Snyder about The Great Marketing Lie and the 6 Truths for C-Suites.

Body Liberation with Chrissy King | BTB 170

Do you feel compelled to “transform your body” with the new year? Have you been feeling bombarded with ads about changing your diet or your lifestyle? What can you do to maintain a sustainable and healthy relationship between your mind and body?
In this podcast episode, Dr. Cristina Castagnini speaks about body liberation with Chrissy King.



Creating a Positive Workplace for Highly Sensitive Persons: A Guide to Informed and Inclusive Environments in 2024 | SN 102

Do you feel comfortable within your working environment? Are you able to be yourself and take time to reset if or when you feel overwhelmed? What are some small changes that you can make to create a more comfortable, effective, and peaceful professional environment for yourself?
In this podcast episode, Lisa Lewis speaks about creating a positive workplace for highly sensitive persons, and a guide to informed and inclusive environments in 2024.

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