The Podcast Network Monthly Roundup: February 2024

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Here at POP, we recognize that one size does not fit all. Every practice has its strengths and challenges, and every therapist has their niche.  That’s why we’re bringing you a little bit of everything.
For the practice managers, we have guests discussing leadership and practice finance. For the specialists, we have conversations about motherhood and nature therapy. And for those looking to scale, why not look into how to transition from solo to group?
So listen in! There’s something for everyone. 


Kim Ades is Leading Leaders | POP 955

What keeps leaders stuck? Why should you first focus on your thoughts before trying to change your actions? How do you develop your own leadership?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Kim Ades about how she is leading leaders.


Motherhood isn’t all Snuggles and Rainbows – Dr. Andrea Niles Helps New Moms | POP 958

Do you work with new moms in your private practice? What are the things that you should be doing – and should be avoiding? Are you looking for a new, great referral resource?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about how motherhood isn’t all “snuggles and rainbows”, and how Dr. Andrea Niles helps new moms through it.


An Alternative to a Sliding Fee Scale with Paul Fugelsang | POP 956

Do you want to serve your community without having to risk your financial security? Has your ideal client group been struggling to afford therapy? Have you heard of the Open Path Collective?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about an alternative to a sliding fee scale with Paul Fugelsang.


Hiring Associates into Your New Group Practice with Dr. Larry Beer | GP 212

Why should you bring celebration into business? What is a great bonus of hiring associates into your new group practice? How can you make your practice a better place for everyone involved?
In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about growing a group practice with Dr. Larry Beer.

Going From Solo to Group Practice with Matt Fowler | GP 211

Are you just on the cusp of switching from solo to a new group practice? What is important to make sure you have in place when you finally launch? What is the best tip for new group practice owners?
In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about going from solo to a small group practice with Matt Fowler.

Farzad Rashidi on Link Building and SEO | POP 954

How are you contributing to the success of your website ranking high on Google searches? What is a quick and easy way to write compelling and successful articles that consistently rank high? Why is being a podcast guest a great way to boost your SEO?
In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about link building and SEO with Farzad Rashidi.

How to Find Your Niche with Susanna Guarino, LMHC | POP 951

Do you feel that your lived experiences should or shouldn’t be brought into your speciality? Have you felt nervous about straying too far from your old niche even though new things are interesting to you? How can you develop your niche so that you don’t lose your old clients while attracting new ones?
In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about how to find your niche with Susanna Guarino, LMHC.

Why Diets Don’t Work and the Weight You Lose Keeps Coming Back with Andie Grange | BTB 170

What is your “common sense” around diet culture? What things do you still believe that are actually untrue, harmful, and just plain wrong? Why does cutting out food groups cause more harm than good?
In this podcast episode, Dr. Cristina Castagnini speaks about why diets don’t work and why the weight you lose keeps coming back with Andie Grange.


Embracing Nature: Cultivating Deep Connection in the Face of Meta Crisis with Linda Buzzell | SN 104

When last did you allow yourself to spend quality time in nature? How often do you get into the outdoors and away from the fast-paced, naturally-disconnected, modern lifestyle? Can ecotherapy be a great tool to help bring people back to health in an ancient and forgotten way?

In this podcast episode, Lisa Lewis speaks about embracing nature to cultivate a deep connection in the face of a meta-crisis with Linda Buzzell.

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